20 iPhone tips you might not have seen – Computerworld

Make Haptic Touch faster.

Open Accessibility in Settings and then choose Haptic Touch. You will be able to make Haptic Touch faster or slower and test the speed to find the one that most suits you.

Summary and Focus

If you’re too easily distracted by notifications, you should use Notification Summary (Settings>Notifications>Scheduled Summary). Use this to schedule notifications from less important apps so you only receive them at specific times of the day; this one move can dramatically reduce interruptions. 

Back tap

Back Tap is a useful tool available in Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Back Tap. When enabled, it adds two new interfaces to your iPhone: double- or triple-tap the back of the device to trigger any of 30+ actions and any of your Shortcuts. I use one of these for Shake (to undo errors in typing) and the other to switch on the torch function.

Back buttons

Most Apple apps have a back button of some kind at the top left of the screen. Long press these to surface various functions, including getting back to the top menu in Settings.

Easy app switching

You probably know that you can swipe up and over in the home bar at the bottom of the screen to swipe between apps. You can also just swipe to move between apps there.

Guided Access

Lending someone your iPhone for some reason and don’t want them to snoop around? Open the app you want them to use, and triple click the Side Button, then choose Guided Access where you can limit what they can do.


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