20 Best Video Games For Couples (According To Reddit)


  • Engaging in multiplayer video games can be a revealing and entertaining way for couples to test their relationship and spice things up.
  • There are a wide variety of games across different genres that couples can choose from to play together and enjoy a fun and challenging experience.
  • Whether it’s slaying zombies, solving puzzles, or exploring virtual worlds, playing video games together can strengthen communication, teamwork, and bond between partners.



Sure, romantic dinners at fancy restaurants and long walks on the beach are great ways to get to know someone, but engaging in virtual challenges of multiplayer video games like Diablo 4 or Stardew Valley can really show one’s true face, and, eventually, put every relationship to the test. Besides, it’s a witty option for love birds who can’t spend much time together, such as in the case of a long-distance relationship. For long-term couples who are avid hobbyists, video games can be a perfect recipe to spice things up as well as for practicing communication and teamwork.

Gathering virtual experience points with a significant other often means leveling up in the real-world love life, too. There is an almost endless supply of games that can be fun to try out together, so here are the best of the best over a range of genres that couples can choose from to help narrow the choice. Of course, always decide together what sounds fun, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

Local Or Online Play, 10–20 Hours To Beat The Campaign

This cooperative horror FPS can be a great date night idea for couples fantasizing about slaying zombies together, whether it includes smashing them with a frying pan or slicing their rotting flesh with a katana. That’s exactly the kind of virtual experience that Left 4 Dead 2 offers: it’s extremely amusing but also full of terrifying moments, which require good teamwork and boldness. Besides, surviving hordes of terrifying zombies can be even more fun with two more players, which means the opportunity to have a double date with another couple.

If that still doesn’t sound romantic enough, there’s a tunnel of love in the Dark Carnival campaign with beautiful swan boats – to fly straight into the never-ending zombie wave.

Moving Out 2 (2023)

Local Or Online Play, 5 Hours To Beat

Moving Out 2 screenshot showing the chaos of players moving furniture while a countdown timer ticks down

Both the first Moving Out game and its sequel are hilarious tests of cooperation and patience that are as chaotic as they are colorful. Moving Out 2 adds not only more levels and goofy antics to the mix, but also gives couples the option to play together online, which was not available in the original. It has a story that is filled with cheeky humor and puns to keep with the lighthearted feeling, while providing fun and silly challenges to overcome together.

Diablo 4 (2023)

Local Or Online Play, 26 Hours To Beat

Escaping reality through action role-playing video games is always a good choice, especially when the experience is shared with “the one.” This is the case with Diablo 4’s story campaign, which is ideal for couples who want to triumph over the very lords of Hell together. As a dungeon crawler, it can be played as a casual adventure that includes slaughtering monsters and getting incredible amounts of loot. Even after the base story campaign is over, there is regular seasonal content continually rotating to add even more quests and dungeons to keep things going.

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure (2020)

Local Or Online Play, 10–15 Hours To Beat

Sackboy from the Little Big Planet game series has his own platforming excursion in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which lets up to four players attempt to navigate the world together. Unlike some platforming games that have multiplayer as an added afterthought, Sackboy has some levels that must be completed with others, and the multiplayer is built into the game very seamlessly to give couples many opportunities to work together rather than one player simply tagging along.

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Don’t Starve Together (2016)

Local Or Online Play, 36 Hours To Beat

Wilson and Willow standing in the moonlight in Don't Starve Together

Imagine the scavenging and item-crafting survival experience of Minecraft mixed with a Tim Burton fever dream. The result is a cartoonish yet creepy survival game set in a mysterious world of monsters and strange characters. While it can be frustrating and stressful, most of the time it provides a quiet and joyful experience with cute visuals, sounds, and music. It’s creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky, but manages to be fun in every way.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat (2020)

Local Or Online Play, 15+ Hours ToBeat

This chaotic cooking sensation known as Overcooked will test every couple’s ability to handle stressful situations while making delicious meals together – and the pressure of time limitation certainly helps with keeping the atmosphere of the virtual kitchen intense. In Overcooked: All You Can Eat, both the first and second games in the series are blended together for many levels of chaotic cooking teamwork that depends on strong communication skills and understanding. Up to four players can play at once, making it great for double dates as well.

Resident Evil 5 (2009)

Local Or Online Play, 11 Hours To Beat

Chris and Sheva back to back in Resident Evil 5

Playing solo has always been the incorrect way to play Resident Evil 5, hence why the AI companions are always so annoying. Instead, give a second player a controller and the result is an over-the-top thrill ride that can lead to scares and fun frustrations dealing with hordes of infected and monsters. In a way, it’s the perfect popcorn action film as a game that can lead to laughs and smiles between a couple.

Unravel Two (2018)

Local Play, 5 Hours To Beat

Red and Blue Yarny gazing into the distance in Unravel Two

The first Unravel was already a surprising yet chill puzzle experience for anyone looking to relax. With Unravel Two being about two Yarnys working together to solve puzzles, it is more than perfect for couples looking for a relaxing game to enjoy together. Not only are there puzzles that can lead to humorous frustration, but the beautiful visuals and atmosphere are enough to make anyone snuggle on the couch.

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Borderlands 2 (2012)

Local Or Online Play, 30 Hours To Beat

Concept art from Borderlands 2

No wonder Borderlands 2 is considered to be the crème de la crème of this first-person shooter series with four classes available to choose from. Indeed, this video game has a perfect recipe for love birds with a good sense of humor who prefer spending hours in front of the screen throwing themselves into competitive adventures around the planet of Pandora. After all, plotting strategies to defeat various types of enemies is definitely an exciting way to bond romantically.

If Borderlands 2 hits the mark, there are many other games in the series that are equally enjoyable to play together.

Cat Quest 2 (2019)

Local Play, 8 Hours To Beat

Screenshot from Cat Quest 2 with the cat and dog kings running past the Catpital

An adorable open-world ARPG, Cat Quest 2 lets couples join forces as royalty of the cat and dog kingdoms to save Felingard from evil forces. The colorful game has lots of fun battles and puzzles mixed into a cute story to keep partners wanting to come back to it to see how the story plays out. Although it is an adventure game, it has a feeling of a cozy experience that can appeal to many different types of players.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (2015)

Local Play, 6 Hours To Beat

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Even the title of Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime solidifies its standing as a perfect game for a fun date night experience. This neon-filled game lets partners work together to rescue kidnapped space-bunnies and defeat the evil forces of Anti-Love together while manning various battle stations of a spaceship. Turrets, lasers, shields, and thrusters must be operated in this space shooter, which requires good communication and a lot of love to save the galaxy.

Baldurs Gate 3 (2023)

Local Or Online Play, 75–100 Hours To Beat

Much like the TTRPG Dungeons & Dragons, playing the video game set in the same world is a good opportunity for couples to bond. Baldur’s Gate 3 lets partners join a party together and explore a large and epic world of questing and combat side-by-side, even if they are miles apart. Although the NPC romance options that the game supplies could require some prior discussion of how to handle, there are plenty of ways to simply enjoy facing obstacles together.

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Minecraft (2011)

Local Or Online Play

Minecraft is one of those games that has been around for so long that nearly everyone at least knows of it. The game is a great entry point for partners who may not have a lot of interest in video games, as well as something that experienced players can enjoy. It offers a little of everything, so players can focus on what appeals to them, whether that is mining, decorating, exploring, or more. Particularly for couples who may have a long-distance relationship, having their own little home in a virtual space can be a perfect alternative.

Snipperclips (2017)

Local Play, 4 Hours To Complete

A screenshot from the Nintendo Switch puzzle game Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

Snipperclips is only available on the Nintendo Switch, and can only be played as a local couch co-op, but this cute physics game is all about working together in creative and unique ways. Paper characters Snip and Clip work on cutting each other up in order to solve whacky puzzles by forming shapes out of each other. It is a short, but funny experience for couples to enjoy as a short diversion from the real world.

Stardew Valley (2016)

Local Or Online Play, 53 Hours To Beat

Farmer is their Autumn crops in Stardew Valley

Originally, Stardew Valley was a single-player game, but later on, the developer released a co-op mode that allowed up to four people to work together on a farm. Much like in single-player, the co-op is easily some of the most relaxing gameplay due to its simple but perfected gameplay. Talking to townsfolk, caring for animals, mining for ore, or fishing on the beach. It’s the most soothing game already that is perfect for couples to just have fun together without any annoyances such as puzzles, challenging enemies, or any scares.

World Of Warcraft (2004)

Online Play

There’s hardly a better multiplayer RPG to bring a couple together than World of Warcraft. Whether it’s questing and exploring the world together or partaking in fun questlines designed for couples, such as during the Love is in the Air seasonal Valentine’s Day event. The adventure of exploring Azeroth and the synergy between classes seems to never end. Some couples even take it a step further, organizing entire dates and wedding ceremonies with hundreds of their guildmates in specially chosen locations ranging anywhere from Stormwind’s famous Cathedral to gorgeous picturesque forests and landscapes found across Azeroth.

Portal 2 (2011)

Local Or Online Play, 9 Hours To Beat

Two portals in a test zone in Portal

As a pair of androids named Atlas and P-Body, couples who choose to engage in Portal 2’s co-op campaign will have a blast playing with portal guns to beat its demanding levels. Meanwhile, one of the most iconic video game antagonists ever, GLaDOS, will mercilessly put to test their problem-solving and teamwork skills, which means that players are forced to think hard and communicate through challenging levels – preferably without raging at each other because of “unintentional” deaths.

Phasmophobia (2020)

Online Play, 22 Hours To Beat

An empty room in Phasmophobia

Couples can try their hands at being a team of paranormal investigators in Phasmophobia‘s psychological horror experience. The game is online-only because different situations require not knowing what the other person may be seeing as partners traverse haunted locations. Up to four players can try working together to hunt down the ghosts or die trying.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017)

Local Or Online Play

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a kart racing video game mainly featuring characters from the Mario franchise. Mario Kart 8 has a staggering amount of imaginative courses, karts, and kart components, and the races are often a chaotic frenzy of weaponized items. Racing in Mario Kart can easily become highly competitive, but it’s definitely still a fun and cheerful activity to share with loved ones. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe supports split-screen play both locally and online, so there are plenty of options regardless of skill level.

It Takes Two (2021)

Local Or Online Play, 10–12 Hours To Beat

It Takes Two Game Release Date Friends Pass Story Gameplay

It Takes Two is a great couch co-op game that has become a favorite among many couples for its heartwarming story and creative gameplay. It’s vibrant, wacky, and boasts some truly odd sequences. Plus, what’s so perfect about the game is that it can only be played with a friend or partner, without offering a solo option. It really has something for everyone and is sure to be a long-term gaming solution. It’s a bit more structured than games like Diablo 4 or Stardew Valley, but It Takes Two is constantly surprising with ingenious new twists within its premise.


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