11 Video Games That Deserve Movie Or TV Adaptations

“The Elder Scrolls” is a long-running game series developed and produced by industry behemoth Bethesda. Since 1994, developers at Bethesda have been releasing games set in the fantastical world of Tamriel, a land filled with all manner of sentient species, magical abilities, and enriching mythology and lore. 

“The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim,” Bethesda’s most recent AAA-game release in the series (2011), is considered by many to be one of, if not the, best video games ever made (Metro). “Skyrim” is the game that spawned the era of open-world RPGs in which many gamers now revel, and several games on this list have “Skyrim” to thank for its flexibility and world-building.

The great thing about the “Elder Scrolls” series is how massive it is. The lore behind the games is even more expansive than that of “Game of Thrones”; in fact, it makes “Game of Thrones” look like light reading. Just as is the case for players and modders who still enjoy “Elder Scrolls” titles to this day, there are infinite possibilities available to television and film screenwriters. Plus, it’s been over 11 years since “Skyrim” was first released, and fans are always thirsty for more content set in the gorgeous cities, deserts, mountains, and forests of Tamriel. 

According to Game Informer in January 2021, there were rumors of a Netflix television series adapting the IP, but neither Netflix nor Bethesda has officially confirmed that an Elder Scrolls project is in development.


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