10 Luxembourg Startups To Keep an Eye On In 2024

Luxembourg’s startup scene is buzzing with innovation and potential.

As we head into 2024, there are several startups emerging as leaders in their respective fields. From AI-driven analytics to sustainable social media, these ten companies are reshaping the future of technology and business.

Here’s a glimpse into what makes each of them stand out.


1. Niaouli: Data-Driven Employer Branding


Niaouli, 1st Employer Branding Tool to help you monitor your HR actions


Niaouli offers a unique solution in the realm of employer branding, utilising a sophisticated blend of data aggregation and analysis. By integrating both internal and external data sources, Niaouli generates key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower companies to make informed decisions about their employer brand strategies.

This approach enables businesses to evaluate the impact of their actions and adopt a proactive stance in managing their reputation as desirable employers. Niaouli stands out by providing actionable insights that help companies not only attract top talent but also retain and engage their current workforce effectively.


2. Shipsta: Strategic Logistics Intelligence


Meet SHIPSTA at Transport Logistic 2023


Shipsta is transforming the logistics industry with its innovative intelligence platform. Tailored for strategic and tactical logistics procurement, Shipsta simplifies the complexities of supply chain management.

The platform offers advanced tools that enable businesses to optimise their logistics operations, from sourcing and procurement to shipment tracking and cost management. By leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence, Shipsta provides real-time insights and forecasts, facilitating smarter, more efficient logistics decisions. This makes it an invaluable tool for companies looking to enhance their supply chain resilience and competitiveness.


3. Passbolt: Open Source Team Password Manager


storytelling – We Are Open Co-op


Passbolt is addressing the critical need for secure password management in team environments. As an open-source password manager, it offers a high level of security and transparency, making it an ideal choice for organisations concerned about safeguarding sensitive information.

Designed specifically for teams, Passbolt enables seamless and secure sharing of passwords among members, enhancing collaboration without compromising security. Its user-friendly interface and robust encryption protocols ensure ease of use while maintaining stringent security standards. Passbolt’s commitment to open-source principles also means continuous improvements and a community-driven approach to security.


4. Greenworlder: Social Media for Sustainability


Greenworlder - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Greenworlder stands out in the digital space as a social media platform dedicated to sustainability. It’s more than just a networking site; it’s a hub of inspiration for individuals seeking to adopt a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

By focusing on environmental awareness and green living, Greenworlder connects like-minded people, shares eco-friendly ideas, and encourages positive action towards the planet’s health. The platform’s unique approach combines social interaction with environmental activism, making it a go-to resource for anyone looking to make a difference in their daily life and contribute to a more sustainable future.


5. Stokr: Democratising Investment


STOKR Officially Recognised as a VASP • STOKR


Stokr is revolutionising the investment landscape by connecting everyday investors with innovative business ventures. This platform democratises the investment process, making it accessible for a broader audience to participate in and benefit from emerging business opportunities. Stokr’s user-friendly interface allows investors to easily discover and invest in a variety of ventures, breaking down traditional barriers to investment.

By facilitating this connection, Stokr is not only empowering individual investors but also providing vital capital to startups and innovative companies. This inclusive approach to investment is reshaping how people engage with and benefit from the world of finance.



6. Keym: Music Social Network


About Us - KEYM


Keym is a unique social network tailored specifically for the music community. It connects artists, fans, and music industry professionals in a dynamic and interactive platform. Keym allows users to discover new music, share tracks, and engage with other music enthusiasts. For artists, it provides a space to showcase their work, collaborate with peers, and grow their fanbase.

Fans enjoy a personalised music experience, discovering new artists and engaging with their favorites. The platform’s focus on community and collaboration makes it an exciting and innovative space for anyone passionate about music, reshaping how people connect and interact within the music industry.


7. Zortify: AI-Driven Personality Insights


Zortify announces the closing of its seed funding


Zortify is pioneering in the field of personality analysis using advanced AI and text analytics. Their technology offers deep insights into individual personalities, which can be crucial for various sectors like human resources, marketing, and personal development. By analysing textual data, Zortify provides a nuanced understanding of personality traits, behavioural tendencies, and potential compatibility in professional settings.

This AI-driven approach helps companies in talent acquisition, team building, and leadership development. Zortify’s innovative use of AI to decode human personality stands as a testament to the growing influence of technology in understanding and optimising human potential.


8. Circu Li-ion: Battery Upcycling Platform


Circu Li-Ion Company Profile: Valuation, Funding & Investors | PitchBook


Circu Li-ion is addressing a significant challenge in the sustainable energy sector with its battery upcycling platform. They focus on repurposing used lithium-ion batteries, turning a potential waste problem into a valuable resource. This initiative not only contributes to reducing electronic waste but also promotes a circular economy in the battery industry.

By extending the life of lithium-ion batteries, Circu Li-ion is helping to mitigate the environmental impact of battery disposal and is playing a crucial role in the sustainable management of battery-powered technology.


9. Databourg Systems: Environmental Data Analytics


Databourg Systems – The Rain Company


Databourg Systems offers a cutting-edge environmental data analytics platform that is crucial in the current context of climate change and environmental challenges. Their technology provides comprehensive insights into various climatic and environmental parameters, enabling better understanding and response to environmental issues.

This platform is particularly valuable for sectors like agriculture, water management, and disaster prevention, where accurate environmental data can lead to more informed decisions and strategies. Databourg Systems’ commitment to leveraging data for environmental well-being highlights the growing importance of technology in sustainable development.


10. Kidola: Child Monitoring Solutions


Our Startups – Review 2 – Luxembourg-City Incubator



Kidola is making a significant impact in the area of child safety with its innovative monitoring solutions. Their technology blends advanced tracking and communication features, ensuring parents can keep a vigilant eye on their children’s safety and well-being.

Kidola’s solutions are designed to provide peace of mind to parents, with features that allow for real-time location tracking, geofencing, and emergency alerts. By prioritising both technological innovation and ease of use, Kidola stands out as a reliable and user-friendly option for parents seeking to ensure the safety and security of their children in an increasingly complex world.


These ten startups represent the dynamic and diverse nature of Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem. Each company, with its unique focus and innovative approach, is not just shaping their respective industries but also contributing to the broader narrative of technological and sustainable progress. As 2024 unfolds, these startups are definitely worth watching.


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