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Covington City Council will be asking residents to vote on a 0.2% sales tax increase to fund transportation maintenance this August. If passed, Covington City Council will eliminate the $20 car tab fee AND the sales tax increase will NOT go into effect until the vehicle tab fee is repealed.

Individuals who are interested in writing a pro or con statement to be included in the voters’ pamphlet for the proposed sales tax increase should submit an application by Monday, March 25 at 5 p.m. 

Pro & Con Statement Committee Application:

Proposed Ballot Measure Information:

This proposed increase can only be used on transportation and would raise Covington’s sales tax rate from 8.8% to 9% and equates to $2 on every $1,000 of taxable purchases (or roughly $18.78 annually for a typical household). Everyone who shops in Covington, including non-residents, would then be contributing to the street maintenance fund, unlike the car tab fee which is only paid by Covington residents.

The Covington City Council has the responsibility to appoint committee members to prepare voters’ pamphlet statements in favor of and in opposition to the ballot measure. The committees are required to submit statements to King County Elections, which will provide each committee with the opposing statement to also prepare a rebuttal. These statements will be printed in the voters’ pamphlet to accompany the ballot measure title and explanatory statement.

Up to three individuals may be appointed to each committee. Questions or comments regarding this process can be directed to Covington City Clerk Krista Bates at (253) 480-2400 or The Covington City Council will review applications at the April 9 regular city council meeting.

(Covington City Hall Article)


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