Zuckerberg Appears to be Teasing Quest 3 Ahead of Quest Gaming Showcase

Zuckerberg took to Instagram to tease an announcement for… something… ahead of its big Quest Gaming Showcase tomorrow. Signs are pointing to Quest 3.

We have no insider info on what might be behind the countdown clock on Zuckerberg’s Instagram story, but the obvious guess is it could be our first look at Quest 3.

Quest 3 recently got a somewhat mysterious hands-on preview from, as far as we can tell, only a single reporter—Mark Gurman. That just happens to be the same reporter that’s been leading the charge in recent months with apparent insider info about Apple’s rumored headset that’s expected to be announced next week.

Zuckerberg’s countdown teaser takes us to 7AM on June 1st, the same day as the Quest Gaming Showcase, the company’s biggest annual event for VR game reveals. And in the background of the photo we can see a view of Zuckerberg’s feet, apparently from a camera on the device that he’s holding.

Image courtesy Mark Zuckerberg

With Meta having cancelled other hardware products like its Portal smart video speakers, it’s hard to imagine what else Zuckerberg would be physically holding other than a new hardware product.

It would certainly make sense for Meta to offer a glimpse of Quest 3. Apple’s rumored headset announcement is expected in just a few days. Meanwhile, Quest 2 is now nearly three years old, which might make an Apple headset look especially new and shiny to Questers looking for the next big thing.

In any case, tomorrow promises to be a big day for Quest gaming news, and maybe more. Stay tuned.


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