YTMND Is Back To Be The Distraction We All Need Right Now

YTMND — one of the internet’s oldest meme sites — is back to entertain us as we’re all cooped up inside. 

Creator of the site, Max Goldberg, announced the meme community’s glorious return to the internet on Sunday after a nearly year-long absence.

Donations from Patreon were able to raise enough money to bring back YTMND — which gets its name, “You’re The Man Now, Dog,” from an awkward Sean Connery line in the movie “Finding Forrester.”

“I thought now might be a good time to reopen the site,” Goldberg wrote. “YTMND’s anniversary is coming up this week. Also, the world is being plunged into chaos, millions of people are stuck inside with nothing to do other than [explicit] around on the internet, and the last few weeks have provided me with ample time to narrow my focus. So welcome back.”

Users are already flooding the site with new memes, including YTMND-staple and Star Trek captain Jean-Luc Picard reminding us to wash our hands.

Another meme shows Dragonball Z character Goku in his fighting stance, but instead of preparing to brawl, he is washing his hands because, well, that’s what we should all be doing right now. 

The site even has a “2020 Global Pandemic” contest running, with the reward for creators appropriately being a bottle of hand sanitizer.

If YTMND was before your time, the site is an entire community where people make their own webpages (basically memes) that usually have a single image or GIF, zooming text, and a repeating audio clip on loop.

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All you need is an account to make your own YTMND page and share it with the world.

The site was active from 2004 until 2014, when Goldberg ultimately lost interest in it. In 2019, the site was archived and appeared to be dead.

Needless to say, fans of the OG site were excited to hear what may be the only good news 2020 has given us so far.

Much of meme culture today could be traced back to sites like YTMND, and with the site’s return, expect even more new memes to spread. 

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