YouTuber Constructs World’s Largest Functional iPhone, Ignites Innovation and Amazement

In the world of technology, where devices seem to shrink in size while packing in more features, one YouTuber has taken a different approach. Matthew Beem, a popular content creator, recently made headlines by constructing the world’s largest functional iPhone. This colossal device measures a staggering 8 feet, surpassing Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and the previous record holder, YouTuber ZHC’s 6-foot-long creation from 2020.


Beem’s video documenting the construction of this technological marvel quickly went viral, captivating viewers with its impressive scale and functional capabilities. The video showcased the meticulous process of building the giant iPhone from scratch. From selecting the materials to connecting the components, Beem demonstrated his craftsmanship and passion for technology.


What sets this mammoth iPhone apart is not only its size but also its functionality. Despite its massive dimensions, the device operates just like a standard iPhone. The touchscreen, a television display, is seamlessly integrated with a Mac mini, enabling smooth navigation and interaction. Additionally, Beem ensured that essential features, such as the lock button, volume controls, and a music button, were incorporated into the design.


While the giant iPhone presents a remarkable feat of engineering, its sheer size poses a challenge in terms of portability. In the video, Beem humorously showcases how he carried the colossal device using a cart, highlighting the impracticality of its size for everyday use. Nevertheless, the creation stands as a testament to Beem’s ingenuity and dedication to pushing technological boundaries.


To demonstrate the functionality of his creation, Beem took the enormous iPhone to the bustling streets of New York City. Surrounded by curious onlookers, he captured photos, recorded videos, engaged in gaming sessions, and even effortlessly made payments through Apple Pay. In an impressive display of its capabilities, Beem initiated a FaceTime call with one of his viewers from India, further captivating his audience and showcasing the true potential of this larger-than-life iPhone.


In an interview, Matthew Beem shared his motivation for undertaking such a monumental project. “I love technology and have a history of making some of the largest builds on YouTube, so I decided to put my skills to the test and build the world’s largest working iPhone! I have never built anything like this before, so this was extremely difficult,” Beem expressed. To add an extra touch of excitement, he revealed, “To top things off, we drove this to New York City to get people’s reactions in Times Square and surprise the top tech reviewer on the planet, Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)!”


Matthew Beem’s colossal iPhone not only breaks records but also exemplifies the relentless spirit of innovation that drives creators in the digital age. While its practicality may be questionable, its significance lies in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is content creators like Beem who inspire others to think big and imagine the unimaginable.


With the creation of the world’s largest working iPhone, Matthew Beem has firmly established himself as a visionary in the world of technology. As viewers eagerly await his next awe-inspiring project, one can’t help but wonder what other incredible feats he will achieve and what new possibilities lie ahead in the realm of technological innovation.


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