YouTube Tests New Insights Around ‘Evergreen’ Videos in Studio Analytics

YouTube is testing another new element in Studio Analytics which will provide specific insight into how your older videos are contributing to channel growth, to assist in your planning.

YouTube Evergreen Content insights

As explained by YouTube’s Conor Kavanagh, the new insights aim to provide:

“Insights around evergreen videos as additional drivers to help you understand how overall channel performance, specifically views, are changing over time.”

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new option will provide more specific notes on how your older videos are performing, which will better inform your planning based on which posts are generating ongoing engagement.

That can be important, because while you do need to understand how your latest clips are going, and how you’re building your channel over time, your older uploads can also play a key role in building a sustainable revenue flow – while understanding how, and why, people are discovering your older clips can further assist in content planning.

And sometimes, it takes a while for some clips to catch on. Sometimes an upload from a while back can suddenly gain traction, or something you posted may answer a rising query, and by maintaining awareness of these spikes and shifts, you can get a more inclusive perspective on what’s actually helping to build your YouTube presence.

The new insights are available to selected creators, with the evergreen highlights appearing in YouTube Studio for those in the test pool.  


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