YouTube Plans Rollout of Engaged-View Conversions by Year-End

YouTube is taking non-click conversion metrics to the next level with plans to make engaged-view conversions available by the end of the year.

YouTube Ads product manager Nicky Rettke said in a blog post that the Google-owned video site has been researching EVCs, which measure the conversions that take place after someone views at least 10 seconds of a skippable ad, does not click right away but converts within a set number of days.

She added that EVCs are a more robust way to measure conversions than view-through conversions, which measure conversions that occur after someone view an impression of an ad but fails to click.

Rettke noted that a study by Google and Talkshoppe found that 70% of respondents bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.

She said YouTube studies over the years have confirmed that the casual impact of video ad campaigns was undervalued when focusing solely on clicks, and most incremental conversions come from users who are given the option to skip ads but choose to view them, adding that over 60% of skips on direct-response in-stream video ads on YouTube happen within the first 10 seconds.

Those studies also determined that the default attribution windows for EVCs should be three days for TrueView, two days for application-install campaigns and one day for app-engagement campaigns.

Rettke wrote, “We’ve heard from advertisers that it can be challenging to assess the impact of video ad campaigns on conversions when you can’t compare across ad formats. That is why today we’re announcing that by the end of the year, we will make engaged-view conversions a standard way of measuring conversions for TrueView skippable in-stream ads, local campaigns and app campaigns. Our vision for the coming year is to give you more transparent reporting across both click and engaged-view conversions, aggregated and anonymously, and new configurability options for conversion measurement to make data-driven media decisions for your business.”


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