Young Entrepreneur Kunal Mehta is changing gear from Network marketing to Artificial Intelligence

In an ordinary world, when a problem arises, people tend to talk about it; yet, they do not find solutions for it. Difference between an average businessman and a great entrepreneur is that, one will discover the problems, not solutions whilst, the new generation of entrepreneurs will answer concerns before the question even arises in the market. This kind of new visionary generation is ruling the business world now, with unique techniques formulas to fight against all the odds of life.

We met a visionary entrepreneur; a marketer who is excellent in sales business and will be accompanying that with his career in Artificial Intelligence; similar to Elon Musk and several others. Yes, we are talking about the new generation entrepreneur Kunal Mehta, a jack of all trades who knows one thing- Win at any cost, against odds in the business.

Kunal Mehta is an entrepreneur who is moving up the ladder with his innovative ideas and hunger for making it big in life. He was able to generate good income with his creative ideas from a young age. Right from his school days, this lad started to earn big with network marketing skills and is now all set to try his hands in AI and Foreign Exchange

Kunal Mehta and the network marketing company he is collaborating with are focusing heavily on Artificial Intelligence in the forex market.

We all know AI has changed our world for the better and we are going to see much more of it in this field. Today, a large number of people are looking towards the trading business or financial markets; especially after Pandemic.

Right now, AI is a hot topic in the business world, and every top entrepreneur like Kunal Mehta, is focused on this aspect in business. Kunal and his team are now focusing on creating software’s which gives a solution to business-minded individuals.

It will be interesting to see how this young entrepreneur Kunal Mehta goes from network marketing to the AI world. It is not easy, but we feel he will prove his grit in this business too.

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