You Can Now Lease A Tesla In Connecticut


Published on February 15th, 2020 |
by Johnna Crider

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You can now lease a Tesla in Connecticut. However, Tesla still can’t sell directly to customers from its location in Milford.


The new leasing option was a cause for celebration among Tesla officials, EV advocates, and state officials despite the fact that state legislators haven’t changed the state’s law requiring third-party dealerships for consumer sales. Dealerships have argued that this would be unfair and that franchising helps drive competition and sales.

“It’s time for Connecticut to make it easier for consumers to purchase, not just lease, clean-driving cars, including by opening our doors to electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla who sell directly to consumers,” Bruce Becker, president of the Connecticut EV Club, tells Patch.

Milford’s Mayor, Ben Blake, says that the city is proud to be home to Tesla’s service center and believes that the leasing program will be a good thing for the city. “We really do work hard to make sure we bring in businesses that are good community partners,” Mayor Blake tells Patch.

Lease Options

Tesla is offering its leasing for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X for 36 months with the option of 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles per year. A Tesla official told Patch that the Model S and Model X will be available to purchase after a lease term is complete, but the Model 3 will not be eligible for purchase.

Another thing to take note of is the fact that 72% of all EV sales in Connecticut are Tesla vehicles. The data on that comes from Vicki Hackett, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Tesla has 19 Superchargers in Connecticut, which is more stations per square mile than other states.

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The state is also looking at a new bill called “right to charge,” which would allow renters to install charging stations at their rented property as long as they cover the expense. 

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