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Yo, Robot is trending for Ameca, an android with artificial intelligence and facial expressions – CVBJ

In the world of science fiction, beyond its stories and created artifacts, the central point of everything that at the same time manages to catch the public’s attention, is that there is a certain possibility that what is raised in the story becomes real taking into account counts its scientific bases. Although it seems like a young genre for its futuristic vision, it is actually something that has been around since the beginning of cinema.

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One of the most significant films in this regard is Metropolis – 99% from 1927 directed by Fritz Lang, also one of the most representative of German expressionism. But in all these stories in which a future enveloped by technology is proposed, represented above all by the presence of robots, there is the moral line that carries either the protagonist or the villain. Some of the approaches in this class of stories have not emerged as such – for example, flying cars as a means of daily transport – but others have surprised with their proximity.

Such is the case of I, Robot – 58%, one of the most popular films starring Will Smith after Men in Black – 92%. This story based on a series of stories under the same name published by Isaac Asimov in 1950, had an important reception by the audience. However, these humanoids were raised as a support for the human being and, as the minutes pass, their intentions become darker in an idea of ​​the “rebellion of the machines”.

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In recent days, this film has become a trend on social networks, and not because they wanted to gladly remember one of Smith’s greatest successes, but because that fiction is taking shape – or, it is already made in its entirety – in the real life. Over the course of last week, news broke that the Engineered Arts company has created a new robot that looks identical to Sonny from the movie.

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The objective of the leading company in the design and manufacture of androids is to support large businessmen by having these machines as personal assistants, information modules, or receptionists so that the client’s work is more fluid, especially if it receives many people. Engineered Arts already has several assistant robot models such as Mesmer, Quinn and RoboThespian, each with special abilities such as research or even acting.

Its new product is called Ameca, and its peculiarity is that it already has human facial expressions and quite natural movements, in addition to having the ability to learn autonomously. It’s certainly a breakthrough for technology, but for moviegoers who remember in detail I robot it’s not that good and anyone would think we’re close to a rebellion.

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See below what is being said in networks regarding the Alex Proyas film becoming a reality.

No. Shut up for the fucking time. NOW.

This is Sunny from Yo, Robot. He will be talking about dreams in a few years.

Friendly reminder that the movie Me, Robot was set in 2025. We’re doing pretty well.

Yo, Robot takes place in 2035. We have another 13 years. Will Smith will be too old and Jada will have taken the last shred of confidence from the man. Guys, we’re screwed.



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