xFyro xS2 True Wireless Earphones Review

The amount of wireless earphones arriving on my desk has increased drastically in the last few months. For consumers, that means the choice is getting more difficult but on the positive side, these earphones are evolving quickly.

xFyro has released an upgraded version of their xS2 earphones, the result of needing to keep up with that fast update cycle, and asked us to review them.

The xFyro xS2 have a packed feature list and retail at a very competitive price so we were interested to find out how they performed.

What’s in the Box?

xFyro xS2

Like most earphones in this category, the earphones come with their charging case, or tube in this instance, three sets of tips and a Micro USB cable for charging.

xFyro xS2

The Battery Case/ Tube

xFyro xS2

xFryro has done a nice job with the charging case. It appears to be made from anodised aluminium and has a solid feel to it.

The earphones magnetically clip into each end of the case for charing. The battery has a Micro USB connection on one side for charging but also has a full-size USB port on the other side which allows you to use it as a battery bank to charge your a device in an emergency.

The battery is rated to add an extra 50 hours of listening time to the earphones and can add a 75% charge to the earphones in 30 minutes.

The charging ports sit behind hard rubber flaps which are a little difficult to open and close. To fit the cables in you have to pull them back quite hard so I would have some concerns about how they will last into the future.

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The Earphones

xFyro xS2

The earphones themselves are fairly compact. They are not the smallest set we have reviewed but they are very light so they are not fatiguing at all to wear. Once you have found the correct size tip, the earphones stay in place without issue and I was never concerned about them falling out.

The earphones have tactile buttons, something that I love to see on earphones like this, which provide a positive click once pressed. As normal, there are a plethora of button combinations to perform different tasks such as play/pause, skip, increase or decrease volume and invoking your voice assistant. There is a page in the manual dedicated to what the different clicks do.

The earphones are IP67 rated for dust and water which means they can be submerged in water and used while swimming. This is a feature that is seldom found in earphones at this price so it’s a nice inclusion.

The xFyro xS2 use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your device, one of the improvements over the last version. We had no issues connecting to the earphones and establishing a stable connection. We did experience an issue with the connection though which was a little annoying. If you were listening to the earphones and then paused the music, took the earphones out but didn’t return them to their case and then reinserted them in your ears, when you hit play again the connection would briefly drop out on the left earphone. It was the only time we had connection issues of any type with the xS2 but it happened enough for us to note it.

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The earphones are also dust magnets due to the material they are made from. It’s not something that causes an issue but it’s certainly noticeable.

xFyro xS2

xFyro xS2 Sound

The first thing that hits you is that the xS2 are bass-heavy. My initial thoughts were that they reminded me of previous Beats earphones I had reviewed. After a little bit of use, the boominess calmed down a little and accuracy improved but if you like bass-heavy earphones you will no doubt love the xS2.

Isolation is decent with the right tips and there is bags of volume available so they produce a fairly immersive sound.

Combined with the fact that they are light and easy to fit they provide a great listening experience and I never felt disappointed. Considering these earphones retail for €88 they performed above expectation.

Based on sound quality and price alone I would have no hesitation recommending these earphones.


The heavy bass may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s hard to argue with the list of other features on offer with the xFyro xS2. Overall the sound quality is good and volume levels are great. They are waterproof and you should get an average of four to five days between charges.

The xS2 are available directly from xFyro website for €88.




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