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The fun is gone from Check Your Knowledge

Dear Write to Know: You might be surprised to know how many people look forward to CYK (Check Your Knowledge) each morning! We, four of us, from around the country (Houston, Texas; Naples, Florida; Farmington, Connecticut; and me, from Cape Cod), all do the CYK each morning and check to see who answers the most correctly! I am the coordinator and take a picture, text to everyone, and they in turn text me back their answers. When they are all received, I take a picture of the answers for them and tally the scores.

Recently, the questions have become almost impossible to answer, and have now been reduced to just five. Since the current writer only wants five questions, can you get another person to do this? We were having such fun. Been going on since June of this year.

J.C., Centerville

Dear J.C.: As we reported in last week’s column, Paul Pronovost, executive editor of the Cape Cod Times, noted that the writer of Check Your Knowledge has decided to reduce the number of questions from 10 to five. Since reader feedback will be shared with the syndicated service, we hope your letter will be forwarded as well. We love the idea of sharing the questions with friends around the country.

Nature writer has changed publications

Dear Write to Know: I have enjoyed reading a nature column in the Orleans Cape Codder newspaper by Mary Richmond. For the past couple of months, it’s no longer there. What happened? Also, in the morning I listen to 99.9 QRC – “the Q” – hosted by Karen Blake and Ralphie Marino. Now Karen seem to have left. What happened?

L.G., North Truro

Dear L.G.: According to John Basile, Gatehouse Media managing editor, Mary Richmond left the Cape Codder six months ago. She is now doing her column, Nature’s Way, for the Cape Cod Chronicle in the Orleans/Brewster area. Mary also does a monthly column for the Barnstable Patriot called Neighborhood Nature. It runs the third Friday of the month.

As to your second question, according to a representative at Cape Cod Broadcasting Media, Karen Blake has left the show. A new host, Rebecca Romo, will join Ralphie at the beginning of 2019.

Reader seeks to transfer tapes to new format

Dear Write to Know: I remember in the past you mentioned a local business that can convert video tapes and old movie film to DVD. I have many video tapes in different formats as well as a quantity of 8mm and Super 8 film I would like to have done. Also, I have a few audio cassettes I’d like to put on CD, which I believe the same company did as well. Would appreciate your reprinting this information.

G.J., Hyannis

Dear G.J.: The Cape Cod Copy Center, located at 631 Main St., Hyannis, has been providing all manner of video and audio conversions and duplication since 1988. They transfer all types of videotape to DVD and can convert 8mm and 16mm film as well. In addition, they can convert foreign standard DVDs to the U.S. format. For audio, they transfer records and cassettes to CD. Winter hours are 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, call 508-775-6500.

Yarmouth reader seeks hotels with generators

Dear Write to Know: In order to be ready for future power outages, could you please find out what hotels and motels in the Yarmouth area have generators and dining rooms. Thank you for your years of help.

G.A., South Yarmouth

Dear G.A.: We spoke first to Judy Silverman at the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce to find out which hotels and motels in the Yarmouth area remain open during the winter months. We then called several on our list to help answer your question. Here are two hotels that have backup generators and remain open during a prolonged power outage event: The All Seasons Resort, 1199 Route 28, South Yarmouth, 508-394-7600; and The Hampton Inn & Suites, 99 Route 28, West Yarmouth, 508-862-9010. Both hotels serve breakfast but don’t have facilities to serve lunch and dinner. If we hear of other local hotels that stay open during prolonged power outages, we will post them here.

These drivers will get your car to Florida

Dear Write to Know: Can you run the list of people who transport cars to Florida? Many thanks.

G. S., Dennis

Dear G.S.: Yes, we receive this question often and especially at this time of year. Here is our current list of drivers: Ben Couto 508-776-8310; Paul Lecomte, P.O. Box 1077, Dennis Port 02639, 508-394-3429; John Cotellessa, 51 Sean’s Circle, Centerville, 774-238-0915; Dan Donovan, P.O. Box 347, 44 Rabbit Pond Road, Manomet 02345, 508-224-7834 or 508-308-4466; Vincent Holland, Mashpee, 508-737-3212; David Cronan, South Yarmouth, 508-280-9500; and Paul Galop, Chatham, 508-404-7403.

Coco Adams, 177 Ship Pond Road, Plymouth, 508-728-3662 (cell), 508-224-5271 (home), is based in the Venice/Fort Myers area during the winter and will make trips north. She will also drive north to south if her airfare is covered.

Companies making the trip include: East Coast Auto Transport (eight Florida locations), 617-487-4364; Forge Motors Auto Transport Inc., 800-872-7004; and Big Dog Auto Transport (Bernie Enright), Merchants Square, Sandwich, 508-888-3520. Should we hear from other individuals or companies offering this service, we’ll gladly add their names to our list.


To S.S., West Yarmouth: I saw your column this past Sunday and wanted to let you know about our organization that is looking for volunteers. Bay to Sound Neighbors just launched on September 17, 2018. Our nonprofit organization helps the elderly in Dennis and Yarmouth remain in their homes with help from us. We are 100 percent volunteer. We provide transportation, technology assistance, small chores around the home, friendly visits and calls and emergency pet care. We also have some volunteer administrative work if someone is interested. For more information, you can visit our website at or call 508-470-0585.


To C.R., North Falmouth: A reader from North Eastham weighed in: Responding to the request for a large wheel chair — please inform the writer that most, if not all, of the senior centers on the Cape, aka Council on Aging, have donated handicapped equipment free to use for as long as needed. The writer should call her local senior center to see what is available. (Note: The Falmouth Senior Center, located at 300 Dillingham Ave., can be reached at 508-540-0196.)

— Write your problem, sign your name and give your address and telephone number and send it to: Write to Know, Cape Cod Times, 319 Main St., Hyannis MA 02601, or email No telephone inquiries are accepted.   


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