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Wordle is down! (Picture: Shutterstock/Wachiwit)

Wordle fans have awoken to a third day of despair after the popular word-based puzzle game appears to be down yet again for some players.

Users across the UK and elsewhere have reported being unable to access the brainteaser, instead receiving an error message.

Although many players were still able to get online and have been sharing their results as usual, many more have been left worrying about their streaks.

It is the third time in row the service has gone down in the morning, potentially starting a worrying streak of its own.

The game, first launched in October 2021, was invented by software engineer Josh Wardle for his puzzle-loving partner.

After sharing with friends and family he decided to take the puzzle public, and it quickly went from cult quiz to national obsession, providing a daily dose of fun competition with socially-distanced friends and family.

The premise, if you’re one of the few people who haven’t played it, is simple.

One five-letter word, six guesses.

Correct letters in the wrong place are yellow, correct letters in the right place are green.

Last year it was revealed many players cheat, finding out the answer online before entering to ‘guess’ the word in one go.

Fans were concerned after it was announced the New York Times was buying the puzzle, worried it may end up behind the paper’s paywall, but it continues to remain free – and an essential part of millions of people’s morning routine.

The game, now part of many people’s morning routine, soared in popularity towards the end of the pandemic.

In fact it became so popular, the New York Times snapped up the simple idea for an undisclosed seven-figure sum in January 2022.

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