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Did you notice how our language is changing?

At parliamentary hearings on “black births,” almost all politicians used the term “childbirths” instead of “women” and “mothers.” When asked why, President Joe Biden’s budget director, Shalanda Young, said, “Our language needs to be more comprehensive.”

Activists have also changed “equality” to “equality” and “affirmative action” to “diversity.”

The Associated Press no longer uses “mistress”. It tells reporters to use “friends, friends, lovers”.

To make matters worse, certain speeches are now labeled as “violence.”

Calling a transgender woman a man is “violence,” says transgender actress Laverne Cox.

Last week, the American Bookstore Association apologized for promoting a book on gender identity after activists called it “anti-trans.” This book is hardly an “anti-trans”. Economists and The Times of London called it one of the best books of the year. However, the Booksellers Association actually moaned and called the book promotion “violent.”

Tim Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute says it’s dangerous to call the word violence.

“The only way humans can deal with each other is through language, discussion, and debate,” he says. “Speaking of violence, the only way we can relate to each other is through power.”

Push back. “You are white. Why does someone need to listen to you about this?”

“Because what I say has or does not benefit,” he replies. “The big problem with the social justice movement is the idea that people’s thinking is controlled by skin color. It may be called” anti-racism “today, but it’s just old-fashioned racism. “

Linguist John McWhorter, author of the next book, Woke Racism, said, “It can be really difficult to talk to each other because we don’t know what the words we use mean.” I’m adding.

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“The idea is to call that phenomenon” racism “wherever there is a gap between black and white,” says McHawter. “It will never be perfectly together.”

“Latinx” is another new term coined by activists.

Still, Sandefur said: “‘Latino’ was born as a reaction led by Hispanics. They chose the word Latino or Latina. And now, this is a majority of social justice activists in the white middle-class movement, telling others, “No, no, I can’t distinguish gender that way.”

“Is it pretty white?”

“In general, the social justice movement is primarily white and has a middle-class college education,” he replies. “Few people in the Hispanic community like the term” Latino. ” “

He is right. Only 4% of Hispanics like this term.

It’s hard to keep up with what’s OK and what’s prohibited.

Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago were recently upset when law professor Jason Kilbourne included the N-word, which shows only the first letter in the employment discrimination exam. He used the same word in the exam for 10 years.

But this year, one student said, “I had to seek advice right after the exam to calm myself down.”

McWhorter says those students are lying. why?

“Insisting on the spirit of such victims gives them a sense of belonging, a sense of unity, and a sense of their ancestors contributing to the struggle they dealt with in a more concrete way.”

The students demanded that the professor be punished. He was there. The law school has suspended him in the name of “social justice.”

“Social justice seeks to redistribute wealth and power among groups to suit what some political authorities consider to be the right outcome,” says Sandefur.

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Push back. “Social justice means that it is time to turn our attention to minorities who have never obtained justice.”

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