Winbot X review – the window cleaning robot you can set and forget

The Winbot X is a handy solution to keep your windows clean – while you get on with other things. If cleaning windows is a chore for you – let the Winbot X do all the work.

There are already robots that can clean your floors and vacuum your carpets but the Winbot X from Ecovacs can clean your windows inside and out.

The unit itself is a lot smaller than a robot vacuum.

Small enough, in fact, to create suction to stay on the window and to move freely in all directions to clean the pane.

The top of the unit has a handle so it can easily be placed on a window and just as easily removed when the cleaning process is completed.

In each corner are bumpers which gently tell the Winbot X it has reached the window frame or, in the case of a frameless glass, the edge of the window.

On the base is a cleaning cloth that runs around the circumference of the unit.

In the centre of the base are the tracks and the wiping blades.

For added safety, the Winbot X is secured with a safety tether which attaches to the window with a suction cup.

The tether lengthens and retracts as the Winbot X moves to every corner of the window and it’s fast and strong enough to hold the weight of the unit if the suction fails and it comes off the window.

Winbot X uses the same technology used by the Ecovacs robot vacuums and creates an intelligent path to clean the window efficiently.

It’s really easy to set up, simply turn it on and attach it to the window and hit the start/on button.

Before you start cleaning all you need to do is spray the cleaning cloth with the supplied cleaning solution. When you run out you can buy more or something similar.

With the cleaning cloth sprayed with soap this prepares the way for the cleaning blades to keep your windows spotless.

Winbot X is useful for maintaining your clean windows.

If the windows are really really dirty then you’ll probably need to clean them manually before letting Winbot X loose.

The you can easily deploy Winbot X to keep them clean.

There’s also a deep cleaning mode which can over the same spot a few times to ensure the glass is spotless.

While it’s cleaning, the Winbot X is a little loud – not loud enough to drown out a conversation but loud enough for you to know it’s there.

Winbot X also comes with a remote control so you can start and stop the unit and also change directions.

Onboard is a rechargeable battery that runs or up to 50 minutes which is more than enough time to clean a few windows.

Having this built in rechargeable battery instead of a power supply keeps the unit small and, of course, allows it to travel more freely on the window.

The Winbot X is an excellent set and forget product.

You can set it on it way and then get on with other things.

When it finishes cleaning the window Winbot X will return to where it started and then sound an alarm to let you know the cleaning on that window is complete.

Then if there are other windows to clean you can detach it from the current window and reattach it to the next window.

The Winbot X is available now and is priced at $699.


The Winbot X is a handy solution to keep your windows clean – while you get on with other things. If cleaning windows is a chore for you – let the Winbot X do all the work.


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