Why You Should Lease the Ford Transit Custom

Why You Should Lease the Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom has become the cornerstone of many different companies, especially those that need a full fleet of vehicles to work with. However, it is also a favorite of many small businesses and is the standard for a lot of self-employed freelancers or sole traders.

But what makes it so special, and why should you lease it instead of choosing another vehicle. Here are the basics of why it is so good and how it can help you.

It’s Versatile

The key point behind the Ford Transit Custom’s design is the fact that it is heavily customizable. While there are still limits (you could not just pull rear seats off without proper tools, for example), a single Ford Transit Custom has thousands of potential accessory combinations.

This allows for designs that are exclusively focused on getting the maximum storage and hauling capacity possible or others that are meant to be people-transporters. 

There are even options to turn one into a surprisingly large meeting-room-like space, suitable for around four to six passengers.

Thanks to this level of versatility, a company can get a Ford Transit Custom that suits nearly any role. For businesses that can only afford to lease one or two vehicles in total, this also means that a Transit Custom lease can still fill multiple niches at once.

It’s Cheap

Another major benefit of the Ford Transit Custom is the fact that it does not cost all that much. Since the Transit Custom is a fairly old design (but still one that is regularly improved), it does not cost as much as some recently-released vans.

This also means that Ford Transit Custom Finance options are even more effective since they can help reduce the cost of the van even further. If you are not sure how this finance would work, be sure to learn more info about lease funding and financing before you make any decisions.

This allows smaller businesses to get hold of at least one, which can massively increase their delivery range, mobility, or operating speed.

Since there are so many Ford Transit Custom models out there, they are often priced quite low, meaning that it is usually quite easy to find good deals on the designs. The only downside is that you will have to search for the configuration that you want.

It’s Reliable

Perhaps the biggest benefit you gain from a Ford Transit Custom lease is a solid, reliable vehicle. It does not have any direct weaknesses or flaws that make it hard to use, and the core van itself is a very consistent, easy-to-handle machine.

Since all variations are built from the same framework, it is also quite easy to adapt to a new configuration. As long as a driver has learned how to control a Ford Transit Custom, they can drive any of them with only a small adjustment period (usually caused by weight differences).

Because of this, they are a great option for a larger fleet of vehicles since they are all functionally near-identical. A van with seats and a van with no seats will handle in the same way, so a driver can end up using whichever one they need most in any given situation.

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