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Why phone cases protect mobile phones

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At you will find various accessories for every mobile phone. However, you should ensure its protection with phone cases that you will find for every mobile model.”

— Kostas Malakontas

ATHENS, GREECE, January 14, 2022 / — Just bought a smartphone and the first things to accompany it would be some phone accessories. For many people, it would probably be a phone case. This is because carrying a smartphone without a case is like driving a car without bumpers and no one wants a new gadget to break or crack.

For the overall protection of the device, phone cases, which covers the corners, edges and back of a smartphone, is the best choice. A good case will protect a phone from scratches and absorb vibrations when the device might drop.

A mobile case adds a little volume to the smartphone, making it heavier in the pocket and a screen protector adds extra thickness. Choosing a single accessory, a phone case is more important than a screen protector- tempered glass, as the case protects most parts of the phone.

There are many good reasons to use a smartphone case. Keeping it clean is necessary so that dirt does not accumulate between the phone and the case. A smartphone case usually does a good job, protecting the phone from scratches.

Phone cases can provide some protection if the phone drops, although it should not be used as an excuse to throw down the phone on purpose. Some people think that phone cases may not seem very nice, it can help keep all its parts intact.

The fall of a phone may not result in much visible damage, but without a case it is easy to break the lens of the smartphone camera. In addition, with some smartphones that have a sleek finish, a wallet phone case with a handle can help prevent the phone from falling off.

Choosing a phone case is not at all difficult for many smartphone owners. Other smartphone owners, however, do not believe that protecting the smartphone case is important. First, no smartphone case can fully protect the phone from damage. Smartphone cases also add volume to the phone and can hide impressive aspects of the design of the phone.

If being careless, a case can even damage a phone. Dirt and debris can get caught between the case and the phone and scratch the phone’s siding and parts. Smartphone cases that offer the best protection can be a bit expensive.

Smartphone cases can affect connectivity. It’s a shame to have to take the phone out of its case every time to plug it into the car mobile holder.

The first thing to consider is how tough a case must be. If being prone to accidents and leave it almost intact or survive it from a dip, then a serious protection is needed. If the owner is careful and just want basic protection, then buy a more economic phone case. There is a clear trade-off between the level of protection provided and the volume and weight added.

Consider additional features that are required in a phone case. For tablet cases, a horizontal base could be vital. For mobile phones, consider the thickness and type of case, as well as what may be convenient for everyday use. Write down what is necessary and keep it as a list while shopping from

Tempered glass

These can help reduce the chance of scratches or cracks on the touch screen, but they inevitably affect aesthetics and sometimes usability as well.

Make sure that tempered glass is made for the device and place it properly, because any imperfections on the screen will increase the chances of ending up with bubbles. Carefully follow the installation instructions and apply the tempered glass slowly, as patience offers the best results.

Depending on the screen saver, find one to match thin or hard cases. The only disadvantage to using tempered glass is that they are often difficult to apply and can reduce the touch sensitivity of the screen. If the sensitivity of the screen is critical, then there are special protectors, but they tend to be much more expensive.

Tempered glass is not a complete solution since a broken screen is always a sad sight. Manufacturers of tempered glass, plastic or glass that can be glued to a smartphone screen, say that their products will protect the screen from scratches and cracks when it falls with the screen down. But tempered glass does not protect the other parts of a mobile phone.

The majority of broken smartphone screens come from bumps in the corners and edges. When the corners or edges of a smartphone hit the ground, the impact is in a concentrated area and is more likely to cause a fracture, whereas if it had hit the screen on the ground, the impact would have spread across the entire width of the screen.

On the other hand, tempered glass help protect screens from scratches, which weaken the structural integrity of a screen and can eventually lead to large cracks. But do not expect them to save a phone if it drops from a significant height.

Mobile phone cases worth their money

The best bet is to go to a store and try each case in real time, if possible. “Considering how often picking up and holding the cell phone, it’s a good idea to find something that suits every lifestyle.” would also recommend buying different style cases for different activities.

So, do cell phone cases really protect phones from damage? In the majority, they do, but they need smart ways of usage about how to take care of the cell phone. Mobile cases provide adequate protection for phones. They mainly protect the corners, the back and the edges of the phone.

A good smartphone case will mitigate the impact of vibration when the smartphone drops. The best thing to do is to be extra careful with the phone when it is not in its phone case. Try to keep the phone in a safe place where there is no risk of it falling onto the floor.

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