Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Ending is a Last Jedi Moment

After 20 years of fervent fandom, Final Fantasy VII Remake carries a lot of the same expectation as a Star Wars sequel. Upon the announcement of Remake, every detail was endlessly scrutinized. Fans voiced concerns that were absurd (when a character’s breast size was reportedly reduced), emotional (reflecting on revisiting story twists again in high-definition), and understandable (the announcement that Remake would only adapt part of the original’s story, expanding its opening hours considerably and adapting the rest in future installments). So would it be like a Star Wars prequel, or a Star Wars sequel? Be perceived as celebrating fans, or spurning them? The Force Awakens, or The Last Jedi?

In the end, it’s bothit’s not a story, but a struggle against fandom. It tells a storyteller’s lie — an artful omission that lures its audience into believing it’s in for one thing, only to upend every expectation. But it stops shy of radical re-imagination.


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