Why electric cars aren’t a good idea in Toowoomba

REGARDING Dave Fredericks’ letter (TC, 5/12) on electric car dealers in Qld.

Would it really be good if we had a dealership right here in Toowoomba? Who could afford to buy and run an electric car in Toowoomba when we’re apparently the 4th highest region in the country currently experiencing mortgage stress.

The cost of electricity in Toowoomba is that high that people are too scared to charge their mobile phones let alone having to recharge their car every night. Perhaps this is why so many motorists across the region are using their phones while driving… they’re using in-car chargers to recharge their phones for “free.” Lol.

The price of fuel is now the lowest its been in 12 months.

Electric cars? It would be more expensive to run unless it had roof-mounted solar panels.

No, I think we’re all a little way off yet from zipping around in an electric car.

It’d be great in a blackout though … the whole city would stop, no one could get to work because they couldn’t charge their cars over night and no one could phone up and let their bosses know because their phones were flat too.

Good times.

KEV McKAY, Harristown


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