Why Apple Enterprise Management Is Essential for Remote Worker Security

The remote-work trend was gaining momentum before the pandemic. In fact, Gallup reported in 2012 that 39% of U.S. employees worked from home in some capacity; by 2016, that number jumped to 43%. With COVID-19, millions more either opted to work remotely or were required to because of corporate policies or state mandates.

With a growing number of employees at home, workplaces need to figure out solutions for managing and securing all of these remote devices, while still ensuring employees stay connected and remain productive. If they rely on Apple devices, Apple enterprise management is the answer.

What Is Apple Enterprise Management?

Apple Enterprise Management helps organizations best connect, manage and protect their entire fleet of Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices — no matter where they are located. Apple Enterprise Management makes it possible to:

  • Integrate with Apple deployment programs and zero-touch deploy shrink-wrapped, pre-configured Apple hardware directly to remote employees
  • Empower employees to use a single username and password to securely access all of their devices and applications
  • Leverage advanced workflows for remote and automated Apple device, app and inventory management
  • Prevent, detect and remediate macOS security threats and receive real-time alerts on built-in Apple security frameworks

Small business may need basic Apple Enterprise Management, but workplaces with hundreds or even thousands of employees must have a robust system in place.

With Apple enterprise management, a system administrator has the tools required to securely connect users to resources they need, automate every aspect of device and application management, and adequately protect devices, data and users. With workflows in place, organizations ensure that only trusted devices, from trusted employees, using trusted applications are accessing corporate data.

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Apple Enterprise Management fills the gap of what Apple offers and the enterprise requires. In a time when the workplace is constantly changing, and administrators need to assign new roles and privileges or identify and remediate security threats, it’s critical to have the tools in place that guarantee the workplace properly functions and stays productive — no matter what comes an organization’s way or where work is taking place.

Who Is Jamf?

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to physically touch the device. Jamf preserves the native Apple experience that employees expect at work, while also fulfilling the security, compliance and privacy needs of the enterprise. Apple focuses on the person, and Jamf focuses on the people – empowering both your workers and the team managing and securing these devices. 

If you are looking for assistance with Apple Enterprise Management in order to keep your workplace productive and protected in this ever-changing environment, contact Jamf today.

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