Which Food Has Never Been An Official McDonald’s Mascot?

A trio of McDonald's milkshakes.

Answer: Milkshakes

McDonald’s has been around since the mid-20th century, which means they’ve had more than enough time to amass some curious mascots through many advertising campaigns and projects. There’s a certain sort of continuity to their mascots too, as officially they all live in a McDonald’s themed alternate reality known as McDonaldland.

In McDonaldland, you’ll find the more notable mascots like Ronald McDonald himself, the burger-obsessed Hamburglar, and a host of mascots based on actual McDonald’s products like Mayor McCheese (the mayor of McDonaldland who, as you may guess, has a giant cheeseburger for a head), Officer Big Mac (you guessed it, he’s a giant Big Mac), and The Happy Meal Gang (a friendly gang made up of the core components of the Happy Meal: hamburger, fries, and soft drink). Even the McGriddle breakfast sandwich got a character in 2003, the Griddler.

Despite the enormous popularity of their milkshakes over the years, however, McDonald’s never got around to creating a McDonaldland character based on them. Don’t worry though, if your life is truly incomplete without a talking milkshake mascot, you can always turn to the adult comedy cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force (in no way associated with McDonald’s, we assure you), which features a crass talking milkshake brought to life by a mad scientist’s experiment.


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