WhatsApp reveals its biggest change in years but fans don’t like it one bit

Reddit forums are full of people moaning about the dark mode with one saying: “Why is Whatsapp Android’s new dark mode so ugly? It is just horrible compared to all other dark modes, and it doesn’t have an AMOLED dark mode option.”

Agreeing, another user added: “I was about to post the same thing. It’s so damn ugly!”

And the hate for this look doesn’t end there with one more WhatsApp fan saying: “I don’t like it because it isn’t a real good dark mode. Also, they seem to think that it will save you battery, because they have an auto setting based on battery saver, when, since there is no black, it saves no battery.”

It’s not just the general public who are criticising this latest change with the team at TechRadar also highlighting issues with the design.


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