What we think we know about Apple Silicon Macs

Following years of speculation, Apple confirmed its plans to move to Apple Silicon at WWDC 2020.

The move will likely help maintain interest in the Mac, particularly among enterprise professionals already using iPhones – though initial deployment will be limited as IT puts the new Macs through rigorous testing and approval processes. So, what do we think we know about these new Macs?

What’s the plan?

Apple said it would introduce the first Apple Silicon Macs in Q4 2020. We still expect that to be the case, and it’s widely believed the company will introduce Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros (though not necessarily by those names) first.

It’s thought the company will introduce Apple Silicon powered iMacs and a MacBook Pro in 2021, with iMac Pro and Mac Pro the following year. The Mac mini will get an upgrade at some point, but no one seems to agree when.

What chip will be inside these Macs?

A recent report claims the processors will be similar to the A14X Bionic chip anticipated to appear in a future iPad Pro.

Another recent leak claims Apple has developed two new chips for these Macs: An eight-core processor for the MacBook Air and a 12-core processor intended for the 13-inch MacBook Pro type model.

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