What is the Right Way to Talk to a Car Mechanic?

What is the Right Way to Talk to a Car Mechanic?

Regular maintenance of the machine is essential, and a repair call is needed not only when something squeaks, rattles, or is even jammed. There are many hidden defects, the prevention of which will always help you safely and on time to reach your destination. But, of course, spontaneous breakdowns also occur, forcing an unscheduled visit to a car service.

Even if you live in Dubai and have a luxury car, this does not insure you against breakdowns and the need for some local car repairing service like Luxury brands also need regular car scanning and diagnostics at the service center, like all cars, the differences can be only in the nature of the issues and the cost of car repair services.

Visit the Service Station

The first point – specify the employment of the mechanic or repair post you need. Time matters.

  • Find out if your car’s make and model can be accepted for repair.
  • Ask about the availability of spare parts at the service and the presence of a car market or a car dealership within physical reach.
  • Ask if you can install your own parts.

Describe the essence of the problem, what preceded it, and under what circumstances the knock appeared, for example, a warning on the panel lit up or noticeable smoke came out of the exhaust pipe.

In such conversations, self-confidence and the absence of panic are very important. Hurry is also not a helper, you hurry, not the mechanic.

Mechanic Behavior

Take a closer look at the behavior of the mechanic – whether he is attentive to you and your words, whether he is distracted by unnecessary things, how accurately he orients himself in the car and is confident in his words.

If you are not satisfied with the approach to diagnostics, the mechanic “fills his price”, sets ultimatum conditions (“either we do as I say, or nothing”), or starts asking colleagues about the possible reasons for the breakdown of your car – it’s better not to risk it, it’s a pity for time, money and your nerves. It is better to find another specialist.

Cost of Work

After that, negotiate the cost of the work. Never believe the words “it will be inexpensive”, “there’s nothing to worry about here”, or “we won’t take much”.

Let them tell you the price range, from and to, taking into account all the nuances. When it comes to money, there must be complete clarity. Depending on the type of repair company, you can offer (but not immediately give) a tip to the mechanic, this encourages a warmer dialogue between you and more accurate fulfillment of the order at the right time.


If all stages of the quest “arrival for repairs” are completed successfully, then your task is only to wait for the completion of the repair. It’s bad to stand and look at the hands of the mechanic, it’s better to look into the repair zone from time to time (if the service station allows this), ask a word or two, and leave. You should never push car service workers, unless they sat down to celebrate the birthday of someone from the team, forgetting that you are expecting your car.

Acceptance of Repair Work

When accepting work, inspect, as far as possible, those areas where work was carried out. At least visually estimate if everything is in place if something is hanging out, if there are any free holes for bots, hooks without rubber bands for the exhaust suspension, etc.

Also inspect the place on the floor near the car, if there are any “extra spare parts”.

Be sure to find out the opinions of the mechanic, whether everything went well, and what recommendations he can give, after several hours of studying your car.

Ask for a Price

Do not succumb to provocations – the range “from and to” was announced to you at the beginning, so the final figure should be in it. Often they can tell that something was very difficult to unscrew, something rusted, and so on. Such things do happen, but they must be taken into account at the beginning, when the very same “from and to” is announced.

If the work and the approach to it suited you, and you promised a tip, do not forget about the promise.

Take a Short Test-Drive

If the problem with which you turned to the auto mechanic concerned extraneous sounds, unusual engine behavior, or the like – invite the mechanic on a trip with you, a couple of minutes will not distract him much but will make him pay more attention to you.

If you liked everything and you are satisfied with the way the services were provided at the service station, take a business card, you may have to go there the next time, but already in the role of a “regular customer”.

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