What are the Benefits of Personalised Glasses?

What are the Benefits of Personalised Glasses

As an optician, your priority is to ensure your patients receive a high standard of care and leave your practice feeling satisfied with your vision solutions. If your patients require corrective lenses, it is key that you have the right instruments to measure and dispense lenses that are tailored to their exact needs.

Everyone’s vision is different, which means no two pairs of glasses are the same. Being able to dispense personalised lenses can make a huge difference to your practice and to your patients.

It is worth considering the different instruments you can invest in, in order to make sure you are providing the best service to your patients. The eye examination in particular is an important one, especially if it leads to prescribing lenses.

Effective dispensing instruments for opticians

Dispensing instruments are crucial in being able to measure your patients’ vision accurately. This can result in prescribing lenses that perfectly support their visual abilities. By having up to date instruments in your practice, you can provide accurate and precise results every time.

Modern dispensing instruments allow you to distribute personalised lenses that have been created through unique eye measurements. Consider digitalised instruments that offer automated operations and leave little room for error.

Benefits of personalised glasses

Personalised lenses can provide instant vision without effort for your patients, allowing their vision to become immediately comfortable. Eradicating problems from previous lenses like distortion and low contrast, your patients will feel the difference between their old lenses and their new, personalised glasses.

This can lead to your practice experiencing heightened success, as patient satisfaction grows and customer retention remains positive.

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By taking advantage of personalised glasses, you no longer make do with approximate measuring. Precise measurements that take into account pupillary distance and heights, as well as eye rotation centre, mean that patients will feel so comfortable in their lenses it’s almost as if they aren’t wearing any.

While price and convenience is often at the top of a customer’s priority list, personalisation is also becoming a huge factor. From online to in-store, personalised services are a must-have if you are hoping to drive business growth. Personalised lenses can generate value for money and leave your patients feeling pleased with the service they have received.

Many customers believe that most, if not all, lenses are the same. Offering personalised glasses gives you the chance to deliver precise results and dispel that misconception, educating your patients and giving them a full experience when it comes to vision health.


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