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Week in Review: COVID Detection Tech, Evaluating Employees, etc.


This week, June 22- 26, 2020: temperature scanning platforms, contactless technology, evaluating employees, sound masking, and more.

Welcome to My TechDecisions Week in Review, where we round up the most important stories you might have missed this week, June 22-26, 2020. Read on to find out what’s happening this week:



Evaluating Direct Reports as an IT Manager

If you’re new to a management role in your IT department, eventually the time will come to evaluate those on your team. Here are some tips for how to properly set goals and measure them.

Checking the Legitimacy of Temperature Scanning Platforms and Other Coronavirus-Related Products

Skin temperature scanning platforms and other coronavirus-related tech products have cropped up left and right lately. Let’s look at how to tell them apart.

Unified Communications Will Fundamentally Transform Your Organization’s Communication

Unified communications can help your organization communicate and collaborate real time in a secure cloud-based environment.



Video Q&A: The Value of Sound Masking

We talked to David Smith of Lencore about the value of sound masking solutions, and how Lencore will thrive under its new ownership.

How Contactless Technology Can Make Us Safer Post-Lockdown

Immersive technology will help make our adjustment to post-lockdown life safe, immersive and worth going to the office for the first time in months.

Microsoft Warns Against Advanced Server Takeover Attacks

Microsoft is warning users of increasing attacks on Exchange servers after picking up on a trend of advanced server compromise attacks in April.



HDL200 Audioconferencing System from Nureva Shipping Now

Nureva says the HDL 200’s 4,096 virtual microphones provide full-room coverage to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

Salesforce Launches Einstein Recommendations for Trailhead

Salesforce has launched Einstein Recommendations for Trailhead, bringing artificial intelligence-powered learning to the company’s online learning platform.

Check Out Google’s New Meet Shortcut

Google Meet is the latest G Suite app to get a new shortcut feature that allows users to immediately start a call on the web.


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