Wearing a mask is simply common sense – Chico Enterprise-Record

People who wear masks in public are not doing so out of fear, or because they are mindless followers of Big Government dictates, or because they hate freedom. People who wear masks in public are doing so because they are considerate of others.

COVID-19 is especially insidious because it spreads asymptomatically; you can infect others even if you aren’t showing any signs of having the disease. Studies have indicated that if everyone followed social distancing guidelines and wore masks in public, the infection rate could be reduced by 75-90%.

We are all anxious for businesses to reopen, but we are all but guaranteeing further economic damage if we prolong the current situation by failing to follow simple steps when out in public.

Butte County’s COVID-19 caseload doubled in about two weeks, after holding relatively steady for months. And yet, most of the people I see at Target, Winco, and Safeway in Chico are not wearing masks (the numbers are better at Costco and Trader Joe’s).

If you’re worried about being mistaken for a namby-pamby liberal if you’re seen wearing a mask, I’ve got good news: you can buy “MAGA,” “Trump/Pence,” and “China Lied” masks on-line.

Wearing a mask in public is common sense, and common courtesy. Unfortunately, common sense and common courtesy are not very common these days.

— Scott Paulo, Chico


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