We have to pay £2,200 to park outside our newbuild homes after drastic change – it’s not even safe, cars get broken into

RESIDENTS living in newbuild homes say they have to pay £2,200 to park outside after a drastic change.

Homeowners living on an estate in Salford, Greater Manchester, have been left fuming after a dramatic hike in costs has meant their parking bill is £1,000 more each year.

Many say the hefty bill doesn't even promise safety as some cars have been broken into


Many say the hefty bill doesn’t even promise safety as some cars have been broken intoCredit: MEN Media
Residents say they're being forced to pay an extra £1k a year to park in the NCP car park


Residents say they’re being forced to pay an extra £1k a year to park in the NCP car parkCredit: MEN Media

Those living in the Novella building were told they could park in the multi storey NCP next door at a discounted rate of £1,250.

But an increase in charges has seen that option scrapped.

And many say the hefty bill doesn’t even promise safety as some cars have been broken into.

Chris, 25, had his motor windows smashed in – costing him £650 in damages.

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He told Manchester Evening News: “There’s a residents’ permit scheme for certain postcodes across the city, it’s half price compared to a workers’ permit.

“I emailed to renew mine and they came back and said it’s been scrapped.

“I always used to go in Stanley Street but my car got broken into in January.

“They broke my window and put a dent in my door. It cost £650 in total to fix.”

Couple Aaron Eastwood, 33, and Joe Lucas, 36, bought their two-bed flat in November last year.

They said they’re now being forced to consider selling their car as they can’t afford the payments on top of their mortgage.

Aaron said they’re “being hit from both sides”.

He added: “I bought the place with my partner and the mortgage is not cheap as it is — we pay £1,050 per month for that.

“We will have to sell the car.”

A spokesperson for NCP told The Sun Online the discounted rate wasn’t financially benefiting the company – but the fees are still discounted.

They said: “We do understand the concern about the recent price changes on this car park. 

“Unfortunately the residents have been benefiting from a Resident Roving season ticket that was proving financially unviable for the business and as a result that product has now been discontinued. 

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“In its place is a season ticket that customers can purchase on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and offers a discount off the standard roll up rate. 

“We apologise to our customers for this obviously unwelcome price rise, but we are still offering opportunities to have discounted parking rates and are simply unable to continue to offer the parking spaces at such a greatly discounted rate.”

Prices of season tickets


Prices of season ticketsCredit: MEN Media


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