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Paid Post Containerization and Kubernetes are revolutionizing how companies and tech organizations build applications and run their operations on premises and in the cloud.

But the breakneck pace of both Kubernetes development and adoption can leave enterprise tech pros in a spin. Getting a grip on a new technology is always a challenge, more so when both the core platform and its associated tooling is evolving as quickly as the Kubernetes ecosystem.

While the fundamental concepts underlying Kubernetes can require both cultural and process changes, things are further complicated by the fact that traditional enterprises may face different challenges around data management, legacy systems and processes compared to cloud early adopters. In addition, companies and individuals have faced a further challenge in ensuring they have the requisite Kubernetes skills, at least until now.

That’s because Kasten by Veeam has launched Free Kubernetes Training with This free, self-paced educational site has been designed by Kasten’s in-house experts together with key industry luminaries, to improve the skills of practitioners at all levels.

And, crucially, it is focused on the real world needs of tech pros. Besides covering cloud native fundamentals and open source technologies, the program delivers in depth insights into application mobility, backup, and disaster recovery in cloud native environments, through a combination of slides, blogs, videos and hands-on learning labs.

The first full module, Kubernetes Principles, includes three hands-on, 60-minute labs: Building your First Kubernetes Cluster; Installing and Exploring an Application; and Backing up an Application. Further labs are coming every month.

You can also take the 20-minute Lab on to self-qualify your current skill level before taking the more in-depth labs. You will be rewarded badges both for completing individual labs as well as the full module. Best of all, the training is entirely free.

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So, if you want to dive into Kubernetes and learn what it means for data management at your organization, head to and start boosting your practical expertise, right now.

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