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Vivienne Westwood says she listened to Oasis ‘once’ and thought they were ‘terrible’

Vivienne Westwood has revealed she has only listened to Oasis “once” and thought they were terrible.

The fashion designer didn’t hold back in a brand new interview in which she said: Can I just say, I’ve never been interested in pop music since the Sex Pistols.”

Westwood told NME: “I don’t think anything came anywhere near it.”

She added that she heard Noel and Liam Gallagher’s band when they came on the radio, but was left unimpressed by what she heard.

“I mean talk about people like Oasis,” she said, adding: “I heard that in a taxi once and thought: ‘Who is that? My God is that it?’ Terrible.”

When asked which musicians she enjoys, Westwood praised Billie Eilish and Courtney Love.

Westwood features in a new punk music documentary, titled Wake Up Punk.


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