Viveport Anniversary Deal Includes Free Copies of ‘Until You Fall’, ‘Fracked’ and ‘Primal Hunt’ – Road to VR

Viveport Infinity, HTC’s Netflix-style game membership, used to be pretty groan-worthy, offering up only a few really great titles and filling out the rest with a shovel-full of either mediocre or downright bad games. A lot has changed in the past few years though, and to celebrate Viveport’s 7th anniversary HTC is sweetening the pot with three games that are worth playing (and keeping).

For annual subscribers, the deal includes keepable copies of Primal Hunt, Until You Fall, and Fracked—available to both new members joining Viveport Infinity or existing members looking to extend their subscription.

The three-game giveaway deal is only available for annual subscribers; monthly subscribers re-upping or joining for the first time only get Fracked for free. Both offers are available from today until October 8th.

Here’s a look at all three games:

Until You Fall

Released by Schell Games in 2020, this stylish roguelite features a refreshingly unique approach to VR sword fighting, combining the satisfaction of a hack-and-slash game with the depth of RPG combat, all wrapped up in a VR-native design. We liked it so much, we gave Until You Fall an [8/10] in our review and also honored it with our Design Award for Excellence in User Interface in 2019, back when it was still just in Early Access on Steam.


nDreams released Fracked initially as a PSVR exclusive in 2021, but brought the andrenaline-soaked shooter to PC VR headset a year later. The game’s undeniable good looks, unique cover system and satisfyingly tactile combat all are highlights to the underlying adventure that tasks you with blasting your way out of danger, and also a handful of side activities too, such as skiing, climbing, and light puzzling.

Primal Hunt

Hunt the most dangerous creatures ever to walk the earth – DINOSAURS! Created by Phaser Lock Interactive, this Turok-inspired VR Dinosaur Hunting Game lets you face Raptors, Triceratops, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, all of which get deadlier with cyber enhancements and weapons. Originally released on Quest and Pico earlier this year, the game has since been ported to PC VR headsets. It’s still a bit on the ‘mobile’ side of things, but who can argue with laser-wielding, cybernetic dinosaurs?


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