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Video Games Are My Parents Now

Life questions like: Should I accept a job or keep looking?



Khajiit has insurance if you have 12 hours to sit on the phone waiting for a customer service rep.

Parents will tell you to consider all your options, find something you love to do and pursue it, you’ll work your way up. And in 40 years, you’ll be able to cash in on that company’s pension and retire and everyone will throw you a big party. 

Bam. ‘Should I accept a job or keep looking?’ is a trick question. When a job pops up, you have to take it, so you can have healthcare… Tricked again. You’re a freelancer, you’ll never have company healthcare, good luck on the marketplace. And god-of-war-damn do I know how to navigate marketplaces, all thanks to video games. Like a Kajit at port I can slink into any healthcare marketplace and navigate the predatory insurance companies that would send me on meaningless sidequests for hundreds of thousands of dollars. No, these guys don’t take rupees. But thanks to video games where I spend hundreds of hours fighting my way through poorly designed inventory menus, I am adept at fighting through the BS bureaucracy of every government and private insurance site.


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