Venture Capital Zone at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018

Karnataka is globally recognized as the IT and BIO capital of India and Bengaluru has gained the reputation as the 4th largest technology cluster of the world. The Dept. of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka organised its 20th edition of their flagship event ‘BENGALURU TECH SUMMIT’ from 29th Nov-1st Dec 2018 at the Bengaluru Palace.

The Government of Karnataka offers the most conducive ecosystem for the startups as a consequence of which Karnataka Government chose News Corp VCCircle in association with Innovate Karnataka & Startup Karnataka to conduct the Venture Capital Zone at the event. The Venture Capital Zone showcased a strategic platform for upcoming tech start-ups to understand and to leverage the latest technical innovations and technical repercussions on businesses and daily lives.

Over 250 Start-ups based out of Karnataka were screened using multiple rigorous parameters by VCCEdge Team. VCCEdge is a leading capital market deals, directories and financials data repository which helps facilitate the investment ecosystem in India. An online subscription-based service, VCCEdge allows users to track detailed information on LPs, IPOs, M&As, venture and listed debt, PE, VC, angel/seed funds and their deals and transactions. The platform also tracks financial summary of listed as well as unlisted companies.   

VCCEdge Team successfully narrowed it down to 24 Finalists to present at the groundbreaking platform of News Corp VCCircle Venture Capital Zone at Bengaluru Tech Summit. Finalists pitched in front of an esteemed panel of jury members from India’s leading early stage VCs – Inventus Capital, Ventureast, Aspada Investments, Stellaris Venture Partners.

The platform served as a perfect opportunity to exhibit an engaging interaction with entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, mentors and accelerators. Each of the top 24 start-up showcased innovative ideas to a global audience and received abundant appreciation.

The jury conveyed strong interest for start-ups that came up with the most extraordinary idea with the most obvious tech resources. 

Some of the most applauded start-ups at the event:

  • MyPetrolPump an ‘on demand refueling service at doorsteps’ serves over 2000 B2B customers in India, that too with zero spent on marketing or promotion. MyPetrolPump offers safety & convenience to over 10 mln backup generators customers who currently purchase Diesel from petrol pumps and transport the same via cans & barrels in a hazardous manner. Their solution is the most innovative way of reducing over 1 mln tons of CO2 produced by fuel consumption while making trips to fuel stations.
  • Graphene Nano Innovations Pvt Ltd (GNIPL), TGC-GNIPL is a Nanotechnology Products company that developed the “miracle material” Graphene and other Nano material based products for global market and is all ready to radically set its footprints globally. Their core business is manufacturing graphene in bulk in more than 10 grades in a shortened lead time as compared to other global companies through their proprietary process which gives them competitive advantage in terms of cost and quality in terms of particle to particle consistence of the Nano materials.
  • Breathe Applied Sciences, a start-up belonging to Bangalore which came up with a plant design which comprises of methods, catalysts & reactors to convert Carbon Dioxide into purified forms of Carbon Monoxide & Menthol. Breathe Applied Sciences was chosen as one of the top 100 starts-up by the State Government of Karnataka in 2017. Moreover, one of the top 12 start ups chosen by ONGC.
  • QtPi- Quick To Prototype Ideas builds customizable robotic kits and runs robotic clubs in schools and apartments. It has over 10+ Schools 6000 + Students on board of cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The have a unique value proposition as it builds custom robots in the shortest time possible, uses simple hardware & software and most importantly the mentors are product and content developers.

Bengaluru Tech Summit has evolved over two decades and is growing with each passing year. It is indeed an initiative to lead India in the right direction of growth. News Corp Venture Capital Zone is a new dimension to an entrepreneurship of technology background. It will help accelerate the growth of Startups by ensuring that people who have the potential to innovate and start their own business are encouraged – with proactive support and incentives at multiple levels.


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