UK Virgin Media users suffer broadband and TV outages | Virgin Media

Virgin Media users across the UK have suffered a broadband and TV outage, with customers affected in cities including London, Manchester and Belfast.

Virgin Media confirmed on Thursday morning that it had been hit by two outages, separately affecting TV customers and broadband users. The TV glitch affected customers around the country, while the internet outage hit parts of London only.

The issues began just after 8am and there have been around 10,000 reports of problems, according to the outage monitoring site The site has recorded issues across the UK, including in Leeds, Liverpool, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Plymouth. However, Virgin Media said there had not been a blanket nationwide outage.

Virgin Media said that some of its 4 million customers “experienced a brief issue” with their TV service this morning but the problem had been resolved.

This was followed by a separate problem affecting some of its 5.3 million UK broadband customers who live in London, which was ongoing on Thursday afternoon.

“We are aware that some customers in parts of London are experiencing an issue with their broadband,” said a spokesman for Virgin Media. “We are working as quickly as possible to restore services and apologise to those affected.”

Virgin Media said the issues were not caused by congestion or strain due to millions of people using services while at home working or pursuing leisure activities while the nation is in lockdown.

It is the third issue to hit Virgin Media in as many months. In late May the company suffered a similar outage. And in April, millions of customers had problems accessing the internet during a series of outages across the country, prompting 41,000 complaints recorded by Down Detector.

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Earlier this month, Sky Broadband went down, leaving hundreds of customers without access to the internet, and Vodafone was inundated with complaints on social media after mobile customers could not make voice calls.

Around a third of the UK’s working population are relying on the internet to work from home, following the government’s coronavirus lockdown measures.



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