UFO hunter spots ‘alien robots’ in Nasa Mars pics and says Elon Musk sent them

He’s the restless billionaire genius whose companies journey into space, dig massive tunnels and make pioneering electric cars.

But has Elon Musk also been engaged in some very secretive activity involving ‘robotic creatures’ on the surface of Mars?

The internet’s most famous UFO hunter has claimed Musk has secretly sent a tiny little ‘droid to investigate Nasa’s Curiosity Rover.

After all: if he can fly a lovely red Tesla sportscar into space, why wouldn’t he decide to quietly invent tiny robotic beasties and send them on a clandestine mission to the Red Planet?

Has Musk been on Mars? (Picture: AFP)

The bizarre claims were sparked by unexplained sightings in two Nasa photos snapped by the Rover as it explored the Martian surface.

‘Is it just me or have I just found a mini alien robot wandering around the Mars Curiosity rover?’ asked Scott C. Waring.

‘This mini robot is shiny metallic and has legs. The object looks like its clean and stands out for its dark stone environment really well.

‘It appears to be a mini robotic creature that is exploring and investigating the NASA Curiosity rover. So did where did it come from and is it really alien at all?’

Waring suggested a ‘foreign country’ could have sent the micro-bot.

Look at the bottom left of this Nasa picture, which was snapped by the Curiosity Rover
Both these images show a weird pattern at the bottom which has been hailed as ‘alien robotic creature’
A closeup of the mysterious ‘robot’

But then he went one step beyond and claimed Musk may have been involved.

‘It could be a private company like SpaceX trying to do it in secret so they wont be asked by a foreign country to do it for them too.

‘That one really make sense since Elon Musk does some serious shit in space.

‘He sent he $300,000 US Tesla roadster into space and last week he sent over 64 satellites into space…that’s more than NASA has sent in an entire year!’


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