Trump’s Trumpian Final Days – WSJ

The greatest threat to Donald Trump’s legacy is if his American presidency is seen by future historians as ending in farce and tragedy. We may be there.

For the last half of his Monday evening rally in Georgia for Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, Mr. Trump read from the teleprompter a detailed description of the ways he believes election fraud was committed in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The two Republicans then lost.

On Wednesday in Washington, Mr. Trump delivered the same speech to a massive crowd, which then invaded the Capitol building, forcing the evacuation of Vice President Mike Pence and a general lockdown.

Political mockery is merciless, and so it was this week with the appearance of a viral video that recreates Mr. Trump making these election-fraud accusations seated at his desk in the Oval Office—“the numbers are corrupt, it was a rigged election, 100%”—as workmen remove the desk, with him attached to it, out of the office, down a White House hall and into the back of a truck, while he insists: “There’s tremendous fraud here. Wait just one second . . .”

That second has passed.


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