Top Business and Tech Trends to Rule 2021

Klizo's Tech Trends to Rule 2021

Klizo’s Tech Trends to Rule 2021

All the new business and tech trends to expect in 2021. Automation, Psychedelics, 5G technology, Crypto, Telehealth and more. This year opens opportunities.

We reacted quickly. We had overhead from our office, coffee stations, and more. We quickly responded, shut down our office, and started using remote applications to manage our teams.”

— Alif Chatur

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, January 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you are here, then first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From the most catastrophic Australian Bushfire to Locust Swarms, Cyclone Amphan, the stock market crash, and the massive Covid pandemic outbreak! 2020 was a pure ravaging year indeed!

But, in 2021, it seems like diverse industries are going to witness a lot of transformations in their respective business models. To ensure smooth functioning and workflow, here are a couple of cutting-edge technology and fresh business trends that are going to rule 2021.

Some technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation will integrate in all industries. We will cover more details in our web development articles.

Decentralized Finance

The economic turmoil that the pandemic caused last year, has forced the capital markets to go cold-feet. As a result, raising capital to start a new business or for expansion has become extremely challenging for businesses.

Well, in such a scenario, various decentralized finance options like blockchain, and crowdfunding are becoming more popular. The current boom of Bitcoin and Ethereum from 2020 moving into 2021 are great examples. Etherum today is over $1000 per coin and was $150 this time last year. Utilizing cryptocurrency or other decentralized finance options is completely changing the tech industry.

From Cannabis to Psychedelics

Over the past year, we saw a big shift in Cannabis. A lot of retail-based companies were making huge strides. We first saw it affect the CBD industry when retail stores started shutting down. Cannabis was able to stabilize because, like alcohol, during lockdowns cannabis is something people purchase.

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Last year you had everything from Cannabis vending machines like WeedMachine.com to automated joint rolling machines. Public companies were acquiring companies until the market softened in 2019.

Now, we see a huge shift in Psychedelics. Companies like MindMen, Ehave, and new ones like mycotopiatherapies.com are trending in the market. We see public companies that focus on psychedelics making some really interesting things happen over the next 6-8 months. We expect lots of tech, business, and opportunities in this space.

5G Network

As one of the top new technologies in 2021, 5G is expected to be used in HD cameras, factories, smart retail, smart grid control, and in improving traffic and safety management. Apple, Tmobile, NokiaCorp, etc. are developing 5G applications.

It is heavily needed for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other advanced technologies. From Google Stadia to NVidia GeForce Now, 5g will simply give us access to cloud-based gaming services.

The speed of 5G is up to 100X the speed of other technology out there. They have measure peaks of data rates of up to 20Gbps. This kind of technology as it rolls out makes downloading near-instant.

Autonomous Driving

Tesla’s Autopilot is pure love! From automatic lane changes to lane centering along with the newest addition of speed sign recognition and green light detection; Tesla’s Autopilot has got them all. Even Honda has announced mass-production of autonomous vehicles that no longer need any intervention of a driver.

With other leading automobile manufacturers joining the race, 2021 will surely bring us more news on autonomous driving.

There are open source projects like Comma.ai, which you can integrate with over 50 cars that you can purchase off the lot and work aftermarket. We expect to see a lot more normality to autonomous cars this year.

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Industrial Automation and IoT

As more manufacturing firms and supply chains are resuming operations, automation, robotics, and AI – these emerging technologies are likely to serve as an alternate solution to manpower for the smooth operating of manufacturing.

From making information available to enterprises to assisting with automating processes, IoT intertwined with AI will make devices smarter that will ensure a better customer experience.

Telehealth and Telemedicine

As the majority of the healthcare institutions attended to Covid-19 patients, many private and public practices opted for providing people with telehealth offerings. There are new companies like Elabx.com that are doing COVID testing for businesses. These lab testing companies will continue to grow in value this year, and you can probably expect large roll-ups to happen as well.

From doctor-patient video chats to no-contact medication delivery, AI-based health diagnostics, and many more, telehealth and telemedicine have become a trusted and easy means of reaching out to quick treatment and healthcare solutions. Even compared to pre-Covid levels, telehealth visits have increased by almost 50%.

Social Engagement

New apps like ClubHouse have found that connecting people through voice only engagement is going to increase the connections people need today. It is the pandemic outbreak that made businesses realize the potential of social media platforms in engaging their existing as well as future potential customers. We see apps like Clubhouse continuously growing in 2021. This app, if it stays true to itself, will be a disruptor. If not, it will probably get acquired by a big tech company like Facebook / WhatsApp.

Remote Working

Facilitating remote working, conferencing tools, and video conferencing systems like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Teams by Microsoft have risen to the peak of popularity as the pandemic halted regular office work culture. This trend is here to stay and grow further considering the flexibility and accessibility they provide.

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Alif Chatur, out of Vancouver said “We reacted quickly. We had overhead from our office, coffee stations, and more. We quickly responded, shut down our office, and started using remote applications to manage our teams.”

“Remote working was difficult at first,” said Alif Chatur, “but after we got the right tools in place we actually saw an increase in productivity.”

The key to working productively in remote working is using remote tools that allow you to manage your workforce, but truly measure productivity, and reward those users that are adding value to the company.

Well, in 2021 businesses are expected to gravitate more towards such solutions that can make them more agile and resilient than ever. Keeping that in mind, we hope these trends are going to rule throughout this year.

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