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Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs in MNCs to Apply this Nov Weekend

Artificial intelligence had an eventful decade so far. With 2021 bringing more into play, technology has stronghold its place in every ecosystem. Especially, business organizations are enhancing their AI capabilities to streamline routine processes. Starting from attending to customer queries to powering autonomous vehicles, the influence of artificial intelligence is no joke. Besides, critical fields like healthcare, education, and space are adopting AI to sophisticate their existing features and bring in innovation. Owing to the increasing usage, the demand for AI skills and AI professionals is also growing. According to a report, the hiring for artificial intelligence jobs has been rising at a rate of 74% annually. People who are taking up top artificial intelligence jobs explore more tech aspects while also getting a high salary. However, improving AI skills and keeping up with the emerging trends, tools, and technologies are important points while working in the digital sphere. MNCs always look for artificial intelligence professionals who have both tech knowledge and business skills. Analytics Insight has listed the top artificial intelligence jobs that aspirants should apply for in MNCs today.


Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs in MNCs

Team Lead/Consultant- Artificial Intelligence Innovation at Accenture

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Roles and Responsibilities: As a team lead/consultant- Artificial Intelligence at Accenture, the candidate will be aligned with the company’s insights and intelligence verticals to help it generate insights by leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and analytics techniques to deliver value to clients. He/she should also help Accenture apply their expertise in building world-class solutions, conquering business problems, addressing technical challenges using AI platforms and technologies. In the company, the Artificial Intelligence team is responsible for the creation, deployment, and managing of the operations. Therefore, the candidate will be responsible for building AI solutions that benefit experts, research, and platform engineers for coming up with creative solutions. In the role, the candidate needs to analyze and solve moderately complex problems. They should create new solutions, leveraging and adapting existing methods and procedures.

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  • An extraordinary skillset in artificial intelligence is mandatory.
  • The candidate should have the ability to perform under pressure.
  • He/she should be able to establish a strong client relationship.

Apply here for the job.


Data Scientist: Artificial Intelligence at IBM

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Roles and Responsibilities: The data scientist: artificial intelligence at IBM will help transform the company’s clients’ data into tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and collaborating on product development. He/she will develop, maintain, evaluate, and test big data solutions. They will be involved in the design of data solutions using artificial intelligence-based technologies like H2O, Tensorflow. To deliver top-notch service, the candidate is expected to have skills in designing algorithms, implementing pipelines, validating model performance, and developing interfaces such as APIs. They are also responsible for designing and algorithms and implementation including loading from disparate datasets, pre-processing using Hive and Pig.


  • The candidate is mandated to have 4 to 6 years of experience in the IT industry
  • He/she should have technical expertise in Hadoop, Hive, Spark/PySpark, SQL, OOzie, along with data modeling in Hive
  • They should have prior experience in programming languages like Java, Python, Scala, etc.

Apply here for the job.


Senior Solutions Architect- Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Philips India Limited

Location: Pune

Roles and Responsibilities: Through this role, Philips gives an opportunity for the selected candidate to contribute towards the AI solutions roadmap with the responsibility of Architecture of a range of AI solutions and platforms for DXR. He/she will contribute towards the innovation of AI solutions and explore different internal and external providers, work on associated processes and procedures, participate and lead the innovation studios, develop, maintain technology inventory along while keeping the focus on execution. They should prepare proposals and alternatives, guiding towards the optimum balance of short and long-term requirements.

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  • The candidate should have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in any Engineering discipline
  • He/she should have 15+ years of experience in building products and services as part of engineering positions
  • They should have the ability to run complex program management at a global scale
  • The candidate should be able to reach a solution within a complex and very often conflicting business requirements in line with business strategy and development.

Apply here for the job.


Data Scientist- Manufacturing Intelligence at Pfizer Limited

Location: Chennai

Roles and Responsibilities: As a data scientist- manufacturing intelligence at Pfizer Limited, the candidate is expected to provide expert advanced modeling and data analytics support to all teams in the manufacturing intelligence organization and support project execution at manufacturing sites. He/she should translate business requirements into tangible solution specifications and high-quality on-time deliverables. They should leverage data manipulation/transformation, model selection, model training, cross-validation, and deployment support at scale.


  • The candidate should have hands-on experience in advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and NLP
  • He/she should have a minimum of 3 years of data science experience with a post-graduation degree in a relevant field
  • Hands-on skills in Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch are also mandatory.

Apply here for the job.


Senior/Lead Engineer- ME Automation (Artificial Intelligence) at General Motors

Location: Bangalore (WFH during Covid)

Roles and Responsibilities: General Motors expects its senior/lead engineer- ME automation (artificial intelligence) to propose and implement high-impact data and analytic solutions that address business challenges across a variety of manufacturing business units. The candidate should plan and execute projects including direction and oversight of technical work of associate data scientists. They should work with diverse technical teams and provide data and analytic oversight to ensure project deliverables that fulfill business needs and timing.

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  • The candidate is expected to own a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in engineering or a related field
  • He/she should have experience in manufacturing engineering processes, industrial engineering, and plant floors systems
  • They should have the flair for handling data and identifying useful information in datasets to suggest conclusions that support decision making.

Apply here for the job.

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