Top 8 Microsoft To-Do for iOS Tips and Tricks

Microsoft is making big promises with the To-Do app. The story started back in 2015 when the company purchased the popular task management app Wunderlist to ramp up the development of the To-Do app.

Task management

This year Microsoft announced to retire the Wunderlist app on both the Play Store and App Store. The company is confident enough to meet the needs of casual as well as power users.

In a not so surprising move, Microsoft is leveraging platform-specific features and APIs to make the To-Do app more desirable to users. We have already covered To-Do Android’s tips and tricks and in this post, we will explore the same for the iOS variant.

The list will feature everything from Siri Shortcuts to Email Integration to auto-tasks and more. Let’s jump in.

1. Import Tasks from Wunderlist

As I mentioned earlier, Microsoft is shutting down Wunderlist in favor of its To-Do app. For a smooth transition, the company has provided a Wunderlist import tool in the settings.

Open To-Do app, go to settings, and select import from Wunderlist. Sign in using login credentials and voila! All your tasks are transferred to the Microsoft To-Do app.

Import wunderlist

Wunderlist import

Now that you have imported all tasks to wunderlist let’s talk about to-do’s other functions.

2. Long-Tap Function

With iOS 13, Apple ditched the expensive and confusing 3D Touch in favor of a simple long-tap option.

Now all iPhones running iOS 13 gets 3D Touch function without the need for any additional hardware. It’s all software based on. And Microsoft To-Do is right up there to take the advantage.

Long tap

Users can long-tap on the icon and perform a bunch of actions from the floating menu. They include search, My Day, and the ability to add a new task, which I use all the time to add a reminder in a hurry.

Unfortunately, Microsoft To-Do doesn’t offer iOS widget functions.

5. Use Auto Suggestion

While adding a task, Microsoft To-Do is smart enough to understand the time and date of the added reminder. For example, you can add ‘Buy milk at 6 PM’ and it will auto-suggest the timing based on the task.

Auto suggest

Auto suggest 2

Just tap on the suggestion and it will take add the timing for the task. It understands the date too. You can create ‘Cancel Netflix on 20 March’ and the due date for the reminder is set for 20 March.

6. Use Siri Shortcuts

Microsoft has finally added the Siri integration in the app. So far, it’s limited to two options only. Go to app settings > Siri Shortcuts and here you will two ready-to-go shortcuts to choose from.

Siri shortcuts

Siri shortcuts 2

By setting them up, you can simply say ‘Hey Siri, add a new task’, and the assistant will open the new task menu. Similarly, you can say, ‘Hey Siri, open party list,’ and it will take you to the list in the app.

Use Microsoft To-Do Like a Pro

As you can see from the list above, the Microsoft To-Do app is more than a simple task management app. Sure, it misses out on functions such as habit tracker or stats, but the app nails the basics with ease and at the same time, offers enough goodies to keep power users in the loop.

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