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Top 3 Features that are a Must-have for an Online Casino

Top 3 Features that Are a Must-have for an Online Casino

Online casinos have been popular since their creation. Lately probably more than ever due to the fact many of us spend some time in lockdowns and quarantines. 

With their increasing popularity, of course, the number of online establishments has risen. There are many to choose from, and there should be at least one for every taste. 

But if you are searching for a new place or considering trying online gambling for the first time, it might not be so easy to know what to look for. This is why we decided to make a list of the top three characteristics every online casino should have. Think of these three as bare necessities, if some of these are missing, you are in the wrong place. 

Safety First

An online casino must be safe for its players. Much like the good old-brick-and-mortar ones. But the latter need to have security guards, cameras and a quick way to alarm the police. Because, in the case of offline casinos, when it comes to the safety of guests they were first and foremost concerned about the safety of the money and everyone in the building.

Online casinos have a bit of different safety issues that they must cover. Yes, they need to keep their patrons’ money safe, but using different systems. They must follow strict protocols that keep safe and secure the visitors credit card details as well as all the information that follows other payment methods.

Another data online casinos need to have secured, is the personal information about their visitors. Having a gambler’s identity stolen while he was in a casino, probably isn’t something offline casinos worry about, but for the online ones it has to be a priority. 

Another sort of safety feature is common to both kinds of casinos: legitimate gambling licenses. It should be visible inside of brick-and-mortar places and on the website of the online ones. This way the visitors will know they are in a place that was checked by the authorities and therefore it will not try to trick them. 


Online casinos’ specialty are incentives. These are special types of bonuses (or other perks) that online casinos offer to players old and new. It’s their way of attracting new players and keeping the old ones satisfied. Online casinos often compete in who is going to offer a better bonus to a gambler.

Where there is a bonus there is wager. There is a need for online casino wagering, as it gives the casino some control over who actually gets the offered bonus. This might not be so good for the players. But they can protect themselves simply by reading the terms and conditions and understanding them. 


Great atmosphere, lots of people playing and having fun, drinking and eating, these are the things that make a certain offline/land-based casino appealing to players. Other than the possibility to win the game and the thrill of rolling the dice itself. 

So, how can online gambling parlors compete with this? It’s not an easy thing to do, but they find ways, always keeping in mind that their visitors are often ones that appreciate that peace and quiet. 

For the ones that would like some experience closer to a brick-and-mortar casino on a Saturday night, casinos try to add music and existing webpage’s design, and amazing game graphics. 

Great customer service sometimes helps also, as interfering with pleasant people can remind the online gamblers of interacting with friendly offline casino staff. And of course, there is always live video poker, probably the closest thing you can get to a live experience. 

Final Thoughts 

Both online and offline casinos are set to offer their guests the best possible experience. Before moving to the online world, casinos had to be safe, offer perks to guests as well as entertainment. 

Once the casinos started working online they were aware their visitors will still need these three things. The only thing that’s changed is how these are conducted in the online world. 

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