to succeed, the UK needs a ‘strong and stable’ plan

“I think the most important lesson learned is that, when it comes to electric vehicles, you need to set a target for where you want to go,” said Figenbaum. “And then you have to devise policies to enable you to meet the target, which usually means having some sort of incentive in place. I know you [in the UK] already have some incentives such as a grant for buying an electric car, but you may also need other sorts of incentives, ones that remove barriers when it comes to charging.

“What we see in Norway is that when you have incentives in place, and a stable political framework, then you get growth in EV sales. We have extremely high incentives, of course, and so not all countries can have such strong incentives. That can be expensive, and part of our income for our national budgets comes from the oil sector, so we have a little more freedom when it comes to providing these incentives.

“Most important though is the stable framework and the clear target, because then people know where the politicians want to go and how they want to get there. Businesses can plan, consumers can react to the incentives, and things can get going.


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