Three students, aged 11, plotted to start fire to kill ‘rude people’ at school, police say

Three 11-year-old students have been accused of plotting to start a fire to kill the “rude people” at their Florida school, according to police.

Two girls and a boy were arrested and are facing charges of conspiring to commit a first-degree felony.

On Monday, a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy was called to Six Mile Charter Academy about a potential threat involving the three 6th graders, reports NBC-2.

The trio were allegedly planning on setting the upstairs female restroom alight during school hours, so that the second floor of the school would burn and “rude people would die in the fire”, according to the girl’s written statement. She told deputies that she planned to run downstairs to report the fire after it was lit so that the younger children could be evacuated, according to a police report.

A student sounded the alarm when he said he heard the three talking about their alleged plan and saw the girl take out a grill lighter from her backpack.

He told investigators that he heard her say she was going to pretend to cry while reporting the fire and said he also heard one of the boys saying he was going to get extra paper for fuel.

Another witness said the three children had written “2:30” on the top of their hands, which was the time they allegedly planned to carry out the plan.

Six Mile Charter Academy released a statement saying: “Our highest priority is the safety and security of our students and staff. We are grateful to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for their prompt and thorough investigation regarding a plan by three students to cause significant damage to our school. We are very proud of the brave students who advised administration when they found out about the plot and allowed us to immediately address the situation. As a result of students choosing to do the right thing, the rest of our school family can now continue learning as usual.”

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