This is the list of Samsung cell phones that have 5G – MAG.

The technology 5G It is here to stay and several brands are reshaping their devices so that you can use this new speed technology. One of them is Samsung who has decided to launch, since 2020, equipment with compatibility of the new band.

As you know, 5G not only allows you to navigate much faster, but also helps people to communicate in real time without the signal dropping.In addition, it can improve clinical care online, it is even expected that it will also serve to make remote work more precise.

Not only the new models or the folding cell phones of Samsung arrive with 5G, but also some terminals that had already been presented with this technology, but now they can make use of the new band.

As you know, cell phones with 5G have already started to be launched and not only brands such as Xiaomi, Apple, have taken technology to the next level, but also Samsung it has not wanted to be left behind. These are all the models:

Remember that if you buy one of these Samsung cell phones, the model may vary depending on the market where you find it and it is not compatible with 5G.

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