These 10 European tech startups want to help you improve your mental fitness

According to a report by WHO Euro (World Health Organisation Europe), in many western countries, mental health disorders are the major cause of disability, accounting for 30% to 40% of chronic sick leaves, and costing nearly 3% of GDP. In addition to this, the Health at a Glance: Europe report states that mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and drug use disorders affect over one in six people across the European Union.

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Recent years have seen increased interest in the use of artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies to improve mental healthcare. Technology promises to bridge gaps in access to services, improve the quality of care, and deliver personalised treatments.

The healthtech startups that are flourishing right now in Europe have spanned across various categories including mental health. Here, we have listed 10 impressive mental health startups in Europe that intend to make a difference.

Picture credits: Psious

Psious (Spain)

Founder: Xavier Palomer
Funding: €10.1 million
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: Psious has developed a mobile-based technology made by psychologists for psychologists using hyper-realistic virtual environments. This platform is meant to treat anxiety disorders with virtual exposure therapy. It has a suite of mobile applications that provide treatment to various phobias such as acrophobia, claustrophobia, fear of flying, etc. Apart from these treatments, Psious also provides relaxation and mindfulness environments.

Picture credits: Healios

Healios (UK)

Founder: Rich Andrews
Funding: €2.6 million
Founded year: 2013

Why its hot: Healios is a leading digital healthcare startup that brings the whole family together to maximise long-term wellbeing and outcomes. This startup operates with the mission to bring exceptional healthcare to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Healios transforms mental health and neurodevelopmental services by offering quick access to assessment and evidence-based psychological therapies. On the whole, it provides a better quality of life, a new level of understanding, and healthier habits.

Picture credits: Meru Health

Meru Health (Finland)

Founders: Albert Nazander, Kristian Ranta, Riku Lindholm
Funding: €4.8 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Meru Health operates on the mission to enhance the lives of people suffering from depression. It develops and deliver clinically-proven, cost-effective, and engaging digital solutions to help those who live with depression, anxiety, and burnout and lets them experience long-lasting outcomes. The app-based treatment program combines technology, evidence-based therapy, daily support from licensed clinicians, and anonymous peer support.

Picture credits: Flow Neuroscience

Flow Neuroscience (Sweden)

Founders: Daniel Månsson, Erik Rehn
Funding: €2.3 million
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: Flow Neuroscience has developed a new kind of medication-free treatment for depression, which combines an easy-to-use brain simulation headset with a personalised and engaging mobile app. It targets both the behavioural and physical elements of major depressive disorder (MDD). It is touted to be an effective, safe, and affordable treatment for depression and operates with the mission to treat mental health issues with technology and science.

Picture credits: Medigold Health

Medigold Health (UK)

Founders: Alex Goldsmith, Michael Goldsmith
Funding: €11.4 million
Founded year: 1998

Why its hot: Medigold Health is one of the most respected and leading providers of occupational health and wellbeing services in the UK. It has been offering healthcare services for employees. While this company offers many health-related services, it provides mental health support to employees. The company offers the right well-being and mental health assistance and provides individual counselling to them either over phone or face-to-face.

Picture credits: Humanoo

Humanoo (Germany)

Founder: Philip Pogoretschnik
Founded year: 2018

Why its hot: Humanoo is a digital health platform for employees and policyholders. It help users boost their mental and physical wellbeing. It delivers a simple, effective, tried, and tested solution in one app. Its innovative e-health solutions and customised programmes let users reach their goals in fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, etc.

Picture credits: Mental Snapp

Mental Snapp (UK)

Founders: Hannah Chamberlain, Tex Dunstan
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Mental Snapp helps people to manage their mental health by providing them the space to reflect on their mental health and wellbeing. It lets them create a change and get better confidence. The company’s ambition is to change the mental health and leave a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of people with its solutions.

Picture credits: Moodpath

Moodpath (Germany)

Founders: Mark Goering, Felix Frauendorf
Founded year: 2016

Why its hot: Moodpath helps users suffering from depression to identify their condition. It does this by tracking their mood every day, making an assessment depending on the data every fortnight and proving more than 150 personalised exercises to help treat depression and the related symptoms. Moodpath was developed by doctors, patients, and psychologists.

Picture credits: Ahum

Ahum (Sweden)

Founders: Fredrik Sandin, Johan Thuresson
Funding: €750k
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Ahum is aimed at those who are experiencing some type of psychological problem. The company also helps those who want to develop and improve themselves on a personal level by creating self-awareness and in need of someone to talk. Ahum is licensed by the National Board of Health and Welfare and psychotherapists and psychologists are affiliated with the service.

Picture credits: TalkLife

TalkLife (UK)

Founders: Andrew Montesi, Jacob White, Jamie Druitt
Funding: €1.2 million

Why its hot: TalkLife is an ambitious peer-to-peer support network founded in 2012. The company has been built to help millions of people who are struggling with mental disorders. TalkLife uses best elements of social networking merged with peer-to-peer and connect people across the world forming an encouraging and safe environment. The company works along with the best machine learning and psychology minds to predict and launch digital interventions at risk.

Main image picture credits: Flow Neuroscience

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