The Tech Report Seeks Guest Writers

We are looking for guest contributors to expand the perspectives and insights into everything tech. That includes technology news, product reviews, hardware content, and thought leadership on trends and developing technology.

Your enjoyable and original content contributions help to inform our readers, giving them usable information that can drive smarter business and investment decisions around technology.

Our large, diverse readership is growing by about 10%, month over month. The Tech Report’s audience is generally highly educated and many are industry insiders. The community expects journalistic material of the highest quality. These readers are also people that may be interested in your product and service solutions.

Guest Contributor Topics

Some of the popular topics our readers love include:

  • News: Technology and business trends, research reports, tips and tricks, tech company news, and more
  • Reviews: Product reviews for cloud platforms, hardware, tech accessories and gadgets, software, Internet of Things devices, apps, chargers, and more
  • Hardware: Computer processors (CPUs), graphic cards (GPUs), storage, motherboards, and more

Guest Contributor Guidelines

Here are our guidelines if you decide to become one of our guest contributors:

  • Make sure you have social media accounts where you can share the content once we publish it. These accounts include Facebook, Instagram, Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SlideShare.
  • Write and submit an author profile/bio with digital photograph.
  • Submit posts that range from 1,000 to 3,000 words. We prefer 2,000 to 3,000 words.

Other Guest Contributor Requests

Next, here are some of the rules we have for guest contributor posts:

  • Please have your first link in every post go back to a relevant internal Tech Report blog post.
  • Use external links when referencing third-party perspectives, evidence, and statistics.
  • Include credible sources, such as research studies and major publications.
  • If the post is a sponsored or affiliated product review, include a clear disclosure at the top and bottom of the blog post.
  • When using a quote, only link to the person’s Twitter handle.
  • Do not buy, sell, or trade links that appear in your guest contributor posts.
  • Follow our standardized format, image guidelines, and SEO best practices that we provide here.
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Our Publishing Process

Then, after you submit your blog post, here’s our publishing process works:

  • Our Editorial Assistant checks to see that your blog post draft follows our editorial guidelines.
  • The copy-editor review checks grammar, spelling mistakes, content flow, links, and references.
  • After editorial changes, your post achieves “Ready for Publishing” status. Typically, each post involves a two- to four-week turnaround period.
  • Once your post has been published, you can actively participate by responding to any comments posted.

Here is a full list of our guidelines:

Are you ready to submit your guest contributor post? Click here to join. 



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