The simple thermostat energy trick that could cut your bills by £55 a year

BRITS are searching for ways to cut their energy bills after the cost of gas and electricity has soared in recent weeks.

A simple thermostat trick could save families as much as £55 a year – here’s how to reduce your bills.

Nudging your thermostat down by just one degree is enough to save you some money


Nudging your thermostat down by just one degree is enough to save you some moneyCredit: PA

Energy bills have surged by hundreds of pounds due to rising wholesale gas prices.

More than 12 companies have already ceased trading in recent weeks because of escalating costs.

Scottish Power boss Keith Anderson said yesterday that the ongoing crisis could lead to bills continuing to rise throughout next year and into 2023.

He said the crisis could leave just five or six energy suppliers in business.

Rising prices have pushed Brits to find new ways to reduce their energy expenditure.

Turning your thermostat down by just one degree is one way of saving money.

You’ll hardly notice the temperature difference if you slightly reduce the heat during the colder months.

But that simple change will help slash your bills by more than £50 – although the amount will vary depending on your tariff – according to Uswitch research.

Other energy saving tips include only heating the rooms you use or trying out a portable electric heater to direct the warmth directly at you instead of targeting the whole house.

You could also simply layer up and put on another jumper rather than cranking up the central heating.

Another money saving tip to consider is getting a smart thermostat.

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The Sun revealed last week that the green tech could save you £164 a year.

We also rounded up the top 21 ways to cut costs if you’re hoping to reduce your energy bills.

One thing you shouldn’t do is leave your heating on low all day as this can waste money.

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