‘The planet can’t wait,’ says Cook as Apple goes carbon neutral

In a major announcement made as the company publishes its latest Environmental Responsibility report, Apple has committed to becoming completely carbon neutral across its business, products and manufacturing supply chain by 2030.

‘The planet can’t wait’

Apple has made huge strides in this direction: its global corporate operations are already carbon neutral, and while it is sometimes criticised for ‘greenwashing’, most environmental groups think Apple is taking a positive approach.

One good illustration of how Apple is pivoting its business to help nurture a more environmentally friendly approach is seen in the company’s decision to ensure its operating systems support a wide number of older iPhones, meaning you don’t need a new smartphone every year in order to enjoy the latest features.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook wrote in a Tweet announcing the news:

“By 2030, Apple’s entire business will be carbon neutral — from supply chain to the power you use in every device we make. The planet we share can’t wait, and we want to be a ripple in the pond that creates a much larger change.”

Putting money where the PR is

Apple actively works with governments, businesses, NGOs, and consumers around the world in order to encourage policies that strengthen environmental protections and the transition to clean energy.

It sees these moves as essential steps in global climate action.

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